Team Awards: Chains & Things

So Saskatchewan has some giant necklace with a Rider pendant and Winnipeg has chains. These seem to be awarded for special play. Saw this over the last 2 days.

If your team has such a player award, what is it and what ate the terms of the award? And who gives it and how long do you keep it?

Whole thing is immature and lame to me.

You just want to look like this...

I agree! It's like the players need some kind of visual validation when they do their jobs well. BBs were the first to pass their 'chain' around earlier in the season. Seems to me there's only one and it is given to the player who made the last 'big play'! Sask followed suit with their version. Quite happy that the Ticats players are just happy with making their plays and celebrating with their team mates and don't need a gimmicky chain to let them know they did a good job.

I don’t like it but I’m trying to understand it.

mehh…it is just team building and recognition of a good play…an important thing in sport.

Whatever motivates I guess.

Kinda like giving a 2 yr old a cookie after they use the potty .


It’s the turnover chain, University of Miami Hurricanes use it and perhaps started it, seems to be catching on the CFL recently.

Exactly as you say - Miami Hurricanes started the turnover chain, and now more teams are emulating the concept.

I guess it wasn’t enough that U.S. college players get those small stickers to put on their helmets every time they make a big play.

Stupid crap imo.

Reminds me of that stupid “Swaggerville” crap from a few years ago.

Just dumb.

It’s just some guys having fun, geez… If you really don’t like it then tell TSN to stop showing it.

It reminded of kindergarten, if you do something well, there is immediate recognition. Should have something for when the player screws up…perhaps a timeout on a bench, all to yourself…facing the fans!

It is a talking point for TSN - Suits loves it!

Popcorn necklaces!

I don’t like it because it rewards individual achievements in a team game. Sure a receiver catches a touchdown pass, but what about the other receivers who helped him get open, the quarterback who threw it, the o-line and backs who gave him time to throw, and the coach who called the play?

The individual award is the stat they get, and the honours they receive at the end of the season. Other than that, the pride they feel in helping their team win the game should be more than enough.

I guess teams that rarely win might find this helpful to keep their players motivated. But the good teams should stay away from it, and stay professional. This reminds me of those players who celebrate a touchdown when their team is losing 45-8 with 30 seconds left.

I hope the Ticats never adopt this.

Better yet may I suggest instead of a timeout for screwing up hows about a good old fashioned return of the Dunce cap. ;DTalking about Suits he could definitely identify with that being he is one of the biggest Dunces that ever sat in a broadcast booth .

Put a black man in chains and parade him around?
I think Wpg needs to rethink this

LOL....sure ::slight_smile:

Its not "WPG" doing this, its the players themselves. You're taking it way too fat there....

And hockey teams had been doing it for over 10 years. The green hard hat the Flames wore during their Cup run.