Team Announcement this afternoon!

CHML just said that the Cats will be making an announcement this afternoon after practice involving a name player (Holmes?).

sweet i hope we traded him for som1 good

Hypothetically speaking ... If we trade Holmes for AJ Gass, will Gass be honour-bound to remove Brock Ralph's head during their first practice together?

lol., is there alink to this or was it just heard on the radio? and do u guys thinks gunna happend>? or be said?

I understand super-duper secret sources have revealed that this announcement is to tell us that Coach Maccioca now officially dis-likes Jason Maas for beating them the other night and had these delivered to Jason's locker this morning....

:D link they just announced it at the end of the 11 o'clock news, and it was them speculating that it involved Holmes. Maybe they signed him eh!

aparently they did

what r we gunna do with so many running backs:|, corey now should play slot, and slot only

Corey at slot, Lumsden as the feature or half-back, sounds excellent to me!

What about Holmes at running back and Jesse in Radelin's spot? :rockin:

wow. completely comical. can he play quaterback too.???

Now all we gotta hope for is that this isn't a sign and trade.. I'd l'd love to see Corey here for a few yrs!

Drummer God will be very sad.

I guess Corey isn’t such a cancer and really wanted out eh?? Hope he keeps the mouthguard too.

Sorry... Am I the ONLY fan who would rather keep Holmes and get rid of Ranek?

No im with ya, get rid of radlein too.

Ticats re-sign Holmes
The Tiger-Cats have re-signed running back Corey Holmes to a new, three year deal plus an option.
The three years includes this season, so, Holmes will be in Hamilton at least through the end of 2008.

No I agree with you

Why get rid of any of 'em??

Great signing. This guy has a lot of heart and is in for every play.

Great job Mr. Desjardins!

Sorry, I should have been clearer. I did not mean to have Jesse as a fullback. He’s about 20 pounds lighter than Radelin. I meant as a two back set. Can you not see the potential of have Holmes and Lumsden in the backfield together?