Team 990 is reporting that AC 's rotator cuff is indeed torn

It does not appear that he will need surgery but his season may be over. Looks like our hopes are on Brady, Banks, and Mass.

Oh well, on a positive note, it's nice to turn on the radio and hear the sports talk stations talking about something other than the Habs. :slight_smile:

All the haters who have been calling for Calvillo's head are about to find out how important he is to the team.

...and PLEASE gang, let's show we are better than Hamilton's fans, and spell the new guy's name's MAAS, not Mass. bad! :oops:

We should have kept Ted White (his name is easy to remember). :lol:

Seriously though, I hope the Montreal fans at the game are a little patient with our QBs and not boo them off the field after the opening series.

You think they would have learned after what happened when he got hurt in 2001.

What a train wreck that was.........

People have short memories, unfortunately. B.C. is going to spank us this week and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

I must admit, I do not feel to good about the Als' chances but if we are able to stop the run with Strickland and Ellis back in the line up, it may actually end up being respectable.

Doesn't mean a thing other than the fact that Popp is incompetent. There are other teams in the CFL that carry more than 1 QB who can play. How many years does anybody think your starter can play without injury. Popp obviously believes forever. Of maybe he's just too busy combing his hair and passing out glib comments to do his job.

What does this have to do with Calvillo? Not his fault that we can’t groom proper backups. My point is that if everyone is moaning and groaning about A.C., just wait until Brady or Banks start. Then maybe people will realize that Calvillo is a pretty good QB, after all.

I agree with discipline on this one. People have been complaining about how 'awful' AC has been and believing that if had we any other of the starters in the league, the Als would be 8 and 1 or 7 and 2 at this point. Just too many casual fans who believe that ALL of a team's problems can be solved by bringing in a great QB. Truth is, unless you have the supporting cast to go along with him, a QB can't do much by himself.

That being said, sicard, you said that other teams carry more than 1 QB that can play. Besides BC (who would have been OK had Pierce stayed healthy), can you tell me which other teams' backup QB(s) could carry the team? It does not appear Toronto's or Hamilton's could at least.

Who has better backup then the Als have had in recent years? Most teams. Ted White is all I’m going to say. This ain’t all Popp. Don refused to play backup QB’s. Choosing instead to allow Calvillo to pump stats…

How does Popp attract any QB when they know they likely will never, ever see the field?