Team 1st OVER ME 1ST!!! Compliments to Geroy Simon!

I saw something in the Rider /Lions game that was refreshing and deserves mention and praise in this seemingly era of me first not team first.

Geroy Simon of the Leos is getting double coverage regularly freeing up other receivers on the Lions. the MVP of the league last year might be getting frustrated because he is not getting the ball enough. Yet, on one of the Lions touchdowns where Simon appeared to be open but the ball was thrown to his teammate instead for a td. Simon had sheer jubilance and excitement on his face as his hands went up signalling a touchdown as he raced over to congratulate his teammate. Classy team first display Simon. I was very impressed and thought would Copeland of the Stamps have done so and some other go to receivers in the league. I think not and have seen some of them pout even when a teammate scores.
Geroy Simon went up a notch in my books for showing a team first attitude and character. Lions fans - you are fortunate to have such a guy on your team!
Good on you Geroy! :thup:

...I agree with your thoughts, but why the cheap shot at Cope?...he has been anything but egotistical this year...

Simon showed a lot of class, which is lacking in a lot of professional athletes in all sports. I agree team first individual last. That is also a quality of a good leader and teammates and fans alike respect that. Maybe Copeland isn't egotistical this year because he learned some class from Geroy.

...maybe, the dressing down on the field him and Lewis got last year from Simon must've sunk in...

LOL.......You'll be waiting a long time for
turkey to explain his comments. He's the classic hit and run poster. He forgets what
he even posts on most days, suns hot in sask, and he's tending to his turkeys without a hat
on. On most days he's so delusional he actually
thinks the turkeys can talk back.

"Joseph good, we going to cup"

As for Simon, i caught him twice telling Jackson, then Buono he's open, Buono gave a disgusted look, and looked up to the sky.

Shortly there after Jackson started forcing the
ball to Simon(probably to shut him up), interceptions occured, game was signed, sealed,
and delivered.

From the above observations, Id say both Cope and Lewis have been better team guys this yr.

Easy to be a "team" guy when you see a lot of the ball, maybe Simons true colors are finally