*TEAM 1994!*

I am trying to find out the team roster of 1994, or 2000. If anyone knows where I can find it, please let me know. :o

I got both those games on tape but I would have to watch them again to see who all the players were. I remember some of the key guys from those games but would be hard pressed toname all of them. Nothing on the web anywhere ?

You could maybe ask the Lions but this is from the History section of this site which gives some idea of who the team had.

The Lions entered the 1994 campaign with one of the finest quarterbacks in the history of the CFL at the helm. Kent Austin was acquired in the off-season in a trade involving Ottawa and Saskatchewan which saw Danny Barrett head to the eastern Rough Riders, and Tom Burgess move back to Saskatchewan. Ottawa also provided offensive guard Denny Chronopoulos, big defensive lineman Andrew Stewart and one of the CFL’s finest rush linebackers – Angelo Snipes. A group of young, unknown, aggressive linebackers emerged at training camp – Henry Newby, Tyrone Chatman and Virgil Robertson – while the secondary was strengthened at camp with the addition of Charles Gordon and Enis Jackson. The team opened the season at home and gave a taste of things to come with a hard-fought 24-20 victory over Winnipeg. The Lions offensive power was amply demonstrated the following week with a 57-18 thumping of the Ottawa Rough Riders. By the end of August the Lions were 7-1-0, and had broken several single-game offensive records including points with a 67-15 win over Shreveport. During that period, the secondary was further bolstered with the signing of veteran NFLer James Jefferson while former Super Bowl hero Barry Wilburn joined the team in late September. Nevertheless, the team hit a dry spell, losing close battles to Winnipeg, Edmonton and Saskatchewan. Then, on October 22, Baltimore beat B.C. 48-31 and a playoff run looked out of the question. But a big win over Las Vegas (45-7) and a nail-biting 24-23 loss to Calgary, in a game the Lions should have won, gave new hope. The team travelled to Edmonton for the Western Semi-Final. The Lions had only once won a playoff game in Commonwealth Stadium. And with just over four minutes left, it looked as though they never would. But Charles Gordon’s miraculous end-zone interception stopped the Eskimos in their tracks and gave new life to B.C. With Kent Austin at the helm, replacing an injured Danny McManus who had started, the Lions mounted a drive which ate up the clock and the field. Lui Passaglia kicked the winning field goal with 30 seconds to go to give the Lions a tough 24-23 come-from-behind victory. The following week, in the most memorable Western Final ever, and perhaps one of the best football games ever played, the Lions and Stampeders traded touchdowns and field goals all night at McMahon Stadium. Then, in the swirling snow with two minutes remaining and Calgary set to kick a field goal which would put the game out of reach, Ray Alexander leaped up and made an amazing block. Danny McManus, who had replaced Kent Austin in the second half after Austin re-injured a separated shoulder, staged a furious last-minute drive, hitting receivers all the way down the field, including an unbeleviable reception on the four yard line to set up an incredible finish. With Calgary leading 36-31, and four seconds left, McManus found Flutie all alone in the end zone to give the Lions their first playoff victory over Calgary in 30 years, and a berth in the Grey Cup against Baltimore in Vancouver. The dramatics continued the following week in the Grey Cup. With 55,097 cheering fans looking on, the Lions and Stallions staged another thriller with both teams playing great football. Baltimore took a 17-10 lead at halftime and extended it to 20-10 early in the third quarter. But Danny McManus entered the game and the Lions again staged a second-half rally. Seemingly stalled at the Baltimore 30 yard line, Lui Passaglia and Darren Flutie performed a fake field goal to perfection to gain a big first down and completely change the momentum of the game. Then McManus ran in from the two-yard line to score and the game was tied at 20-20. After the teams exchanged field goals and with the score tied at 23-23, McManus engineered another late-game drive to the Baltimore 37 yard line. This time Passaglia missed the field goal with just over one minute remaining. However, B.C.’s defence rose up and stopped Baltimore cold within their own five-yard line. After a punt and a couple of runs to set up the field goal unit, Passaglia trotted out on the field and with no time remaining and kicked the biggest field goal of his life to give the Lions an incredible 26-23 victory, the third Grey Cup in team history.

W L T F A Pts W L T F A Pts
Cal. 15 3 0 698 355 30 Wpg. 13 5 0 651 572 26
Edm. 13 5 0 518 401 26 Balt. 12 6 0 561 431 24
B.C. 11 6 1 604 456 23 Tor. 7 11 0 504 578 14
Sask. 11 7 0 512 454 22 Ott. 4 14 0 480 647 8
Sac. 9 8 1 436 436 19 Ham. 4 14 0 435 562 8
L.V. 5 13 0 447 622 10 Shvpt. 3 15 0 330 661 6
Semi-Finals - B.C. 24 - Edmonton 23 Semi-Finals - Toronto 15 - Baltimore 34
Semi-Finals - Calgary 36 - Saskatchewan 3 Semi-Finals - Winnipeg 26 - Ottawa 16
Finals - B.C. 37 - Calgary 36 Finals - Baltimore 14 - Winnipeg 12
Grey Cup - B.C. 26 - Baltimore 23

pennw, do you by any chance have the 2004 Western Final against the Riders on tape? I would love to get a copy of that and the 1994 Grey Cup. I'll pay for the tapes and the hassle as well.

I will NEVER forget how great ROOKIE, Doug Pettersen played in that game, I believe he went up against Balt’s top offensive lineman, too, if I am not mistaken

Dear RoarLionsRoar … thanks for asking of this because when it comes to that 94 Lions team, I have lots of stuff!!!

I actually have a couple of copies, I think, of all of that playoff run, plus also a couple of “official” copies of the “team of destiny” video put out by the Lions in commemoration of the event.

I have them stashed away somewhere, however, and am very busy, but it shouldn’t be too hard to locate, if I can find the time to do all of this.

I suppose I could lend people one of the copies for them to tape, and then they could get them back to me, as my VCRs aren’t that great.

Beleive it or not, I also have on cassette tape as well, a lot of the RADIO show broadcasts from sports shows over the course of that playoff run, too, such as Dan Russells sportstalk shows (Ya, Dan can talk football at times), plus also when Dave Pratt had his show on the old CJOR 600 (afternoon drive show with his sports talk show). Also I still have on tape, too, of when BCTV had their evening sports talk show for half an hour after the night news, and of course much of their talk was of the Lions, too.

Those were the pioneering days when sports shows were really starting to get off the ground, and everyone was talking Lions football, too, but then sports talk shows seemed to die out for a bit as well. But it was still very timely to have had those shows during that time when the Lions had that incredible playoff run!!! Believe me, if you think it’s boring listening to old talk of past Lions stuff during that era, well then you haven’t listened to some of this stuff, because it still gives me goose bumps to listen to those past recorded shows of especially the radio sports shows!

As I say, I’m fairly busy, but I do have a lot of video and audio memorbelia of that fantastic Lions era of their 94 grey cup win.

Of course on a technical note, I can’t charge for the recordings because of copyright laws and so forth, and don’t have the time to do the taping myself, so as I say, if someone else has the equipment to transfer a lot of this stuff onto other tapes or DVD, CD, etc, it would be great!

I still LOVE to dig out those tapes from time to time to recapture that era of Lions football, and it would also be great to have these things on better media sourse other than cassette tape and VHS, so if someone can put this on DVD, etc., it would also be great for me, too.

OK … IF interested back to me


Roarlionsroar , I do have a copy of it. I was talking to you about it last season but I've moved since and was pretty busy since. I have the 94 Grey Cup as well as the the 2000 GC. The west final is actually on two seperate tapes unfortunately and I haven't put it onto one yet. If it doesn't work for you with Dale Friesen PM me and then we can discuss it via email. I wouldn't charge for it either, but maybe if we can make some copies I'll participate.
BTW Dale , do you have the 94 West Final? That would be one I'd love to get. One of my all time favourite games.

Ya, I do, as I say, I have all from that run … including the Ed game as well.

I should also say, too, that I still have my program from the 94 grey cup, with the list of players on the Lions, its just a matter of finding it, then I can mention as to all the Lions on that team for whomever still wants them - such as RusBella (of whom was looking for a roster list)