Team 1040...

So yesterday I decided to listen to the Team 1040’s broadcast of the Lions game and man I was disgusted. 1st off Rick Ball and the Guilo (sorry can’t spell his name) have no chemistry at all and they are painful to listen too, JP and Guilo were waaaay better. 2nd of all the amount of advertisement during the game is horrendous, everything is sponsored, every single minute the ad’s for companys like the casino are constantly fed to the listener. I’m sorry but the Team 1040’s play-by-play of the Lions SUCK they should do something about because I’m so turned off by this garbage. The only good thing they got is there pre and post game stuff they have, other than that the team sucks.

Never listened to 1040 for Lions' games but from what I've heard, alot of people like the broadcasts. I may have to listen one time to judge for myself.

I didn't think 1040 was so bad when I listened to it on the BC - Calgary game. Lots of ads, true, but I usually walked away during that time.

without all the adds there would be no radio pays so we can listen to the games!!! I hate it too, but there is nothing i can do about it but deal with it!!!

I'm not talking about the ads that come when there on their break, its during the game the annoucer says for example the riverrock casino 1st down why can't he just say 1st down, every single thing during the game is sponsored. Of course I know ads during the break on the radio are there to pay the bills but why do they need advertise during the game's play by play. CKNW never did that its only during the breaks they had advertisement. Listen to the games on the team you'll see what I mean.

[quote="Todd_Bertuzzi"]Ii agree, its kinda getting dumb

I'm watching the Edmonton-Toronto game right now, and I have to say, it's the best CFL broadcast on CBC ever...I don't need to listen to those idiot announcers, but get the feed directly from the stadium, with all the energy that comes with it.


I couldn't agree more. Just about the worst radio brocast I've ever heard. No class at all. I'd like to tell those idiots it's a BC fist down not a Casino 1st down. I wqas mad a h**l when i listen to a game on the radio. And I hope boobyA and the boys read these posts.

Most of these announcers are idiots. They're following the low-brow American fomats...assuming that everyone who listens to the game is braindead.

I totally I agree with you hwgill

Personally, I preferred when the games were on CKNW. I just think that JP and Gulio had more chemistry together. I also prefer JP, as a play by play annoucer, toRick Ball. Just find it frustrating listening to Rick Ball.

I think he's playing with his balls when he announces.

Dickensonrules I agree, I liked JP & Guilo more than this Rick Ball dude, i just hate the whole broadcast, its garbage to listen too and thank god the games are not blacked out on TV or else I would've had to listen to that trash on the radio.

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I'm surprised at all the JP fans. I am glad he is gone. I hated how often he would forget to say where on the field a pass was caught and left you in suspense on how much of a gain was made. He made so many mistakes. I listen to the play-by-play at the games and can see when he goofed. Very frustrating. Rick Ball makes similar mistakes but I think he corrects himself more often. I hated how the post game show was over before I left the parking lot and CKNW would switch to Sports Talk, which should actually be called Hockey talk, even on game days. And bumping the Lions to a sister station for a Canucks Exibition game! No, I am glad to see Team 1040 get the Lions.

I'm totally cool with the team 1040 but the only thing that really bugs me is the amount of advertisement during the play by play, its a BC first down not a casino 1st down, and I'm not really a big fan of Rick Ball i personally find JP better, sure no one is perfect these guys are prone for mistakes but I just don't dig Rick and Guilo, they have no chemistry at all. The only good thing the team 1040 has as I said before is there pre- and post game show.

I wish Team 1040 would get rid of David Pratt. He's the Marty York of the West!

I don’t listen to many games on the radio, but I agree, it is ridiculous the amount of advertising. I think it cheapens the game. It’s not just the BC radio station, but all of them. One time I was listening to an Edmonton game, and every play it was almost like "This play is brought to you by Joe Blow’s Business Ltd. – insert slogan here – ". They almost spend more time pitching slogans than talking about the game. Sickening!

I totally agree Tbone it does cheapen the game. :evil:

I too wish the Team 1040 got rid of Dave Pratt the only reason why people listen to his show is because of Don Taylor without him he's nothing.