team 1040 alredy in the hockey season

team 1040 is already talking hockey with dave tomuslan, they did a poll question of how many people start thier hockey talk summer , laber day or the first game of the season , 57 percent said first game of the season.and i agree i can not get excitted at all right know too early, it is still football season, and with all the laber day games going on today does anybody realy care? i don't right know, but that is blake price for you, and 1040.

if this is the start of hockey talk now the lions are going to be barried just llok at there record

Wow, learn to spell please.

Hey Dupsdell. I really like your takes (and fun posts!). Im a big fan of your positive nature (and great spelling too) Where do you sit? Id like to meet you someday. We could be buddies!Holla!!!


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I'm going to agree with Dupsell for a change.

A good example last night. CKNW broke the Roberts for SMith trade. What was Team 1040 doing talking Hockey. I switched back and forth periodically, and All I heard was hockey this hockey that.

CKNW rules, Team 1040 drools.

i agree sportsmen team 1040 is great during the day with rick ball and pratt and taylor, the football show is excellent too, but blake price talikng hockey about how the divisions are going to do this year when there was a poll question were more people did not not to talk hockey yet, the storie did break on 1040 finally and blake price did talk a lot about it but only with 10 min left in his show were cknw dan russell went on for another hour, i say Blake Price sucks not 1040.

CKNW is bidding for the Lions radio rights

no they are not i got a buddy who works for nw they will not go near them he said, after losing the canucks, they are settling into more of a everyday listining radio show and sports is not a priority.he said.

I don't care for Pratt or Taylor very much. Donnie Taylor with his cliches are annoying.

they are sure talking lots of football today all day on 1040, and know blake price has stephan logon on it is about time the lions got this coverage.

The one thing that bugs me the most about the Team 1040 is The L.A.W. (Live Audio Wrestling) Show. If you ever get to hear it, check out the announcers. They sound like a couple of guys drunk in their parents' basement. CKNW does a mighty fine job and so does the Team for the most part.

and dan russell is know talking bc lions, he has been talking lions a lot this year.

Glen Suitor is a regular guest on his show.

Wow, and I thought there were a lot of whiners on

First of all, “LAW” is a syndicated show that the TEAM carries so blaming them for the content is quite ridiculous.

Second, NW is not likely to be picking up the Lions anytime soon, according to Jim Mullin. I’d expect the manager of the Sports Department to have a pretty good handle on that, especially since he’s also a big Lions fan.

The Lions are also not likely to want to go back to NW, as they get FAR more pre- and post-game time on the TEAM than they ever did on NW (same with the Canucks). And frankly, I wouldn’t expect NW to be even slightly interested in trying to top the sort of money the TEAM pays for their rights.

Then again, I’d love to see the Lions go back to NW for one reason only: so I can see all the same people complaining about the reduced coverage they’d surely have, and say to them, “Ha, grass is always greener, isn’t it?”

Couple things

  1. This is Canada, it is always hockey season. If you dont think most sports fans in BC dont want to hear about hockey when it isnt officially hockey season you have no idea what you are talking about.

  2. Dupsdell always cries wolf with regards to the Lions claiming they will be buried by the Nucks or that attendance will be so low etc etc. Funny thing is he is always wrong. Lions always do well with attendance and they dont get buried when the Nucks start up. They get their fair share of coverage, pay attention and quit making stuff up.

Well, it's always hockey season in MOST of Canada... places like Regina and Winnipeg, I'm thinking are bigger football towns :slight_smile: But Vancouver, at this point in time, is mainly a hockey town. There were times in the past when it was a football town and the Lions got all the attention; right now the pendulum is sitting at the other extreme. And as you note, the Lions still do pretty well even with the Canucks season coming back into the spotlight.

Okay you used 'Hockey' twice and 'Canucks' once...thats three strikes. Go away now.

Funny... I looked in the moderator list, I didn't see your name there. FAIL.

Once the Canucks get mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, say around the end of November then we'll see..............

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

This year hasn't been so great for the Lions, but for the last 25 or so years we have been a powerhouse in the CFL.

Why people want to pay good money to watch a team consistenly fail to live up to even the most modest expectations (based on talent) is beyond me.

The Canucks are an embarrassment. They spend millions and are never any better than a mediocre team.

And this year we hire a GM with no experience, and embarrases us with talk of Sundin.

Thank goodness I spend my money wisely, CFL and WHL.

Go Lions!
Go Kamloops Blazers!
Go Vancouver Giants!
Go Chilliwack Bruins!