team 1040/1410 covering lions camp

Just heard today that bmac/Ritual will be at training camp all next week doing the morning show, and then on 1410 Rick Ball and Guilio will be on the air from 12-2pm everyday of training camp, and will be repeted in the eveing at 6:00pm-8 on 1040.

This year there will be more bc lions coverage than ever, at training camp, i Bet you that our new president had something to do with this.

its about time, and i heard during the year they are going to have a special one hour segment on the lions only everyday on 1410 with rick ball and julio. with phone calls. special guests .

That is good news. It'll be a much more productive camp in Kamloops. Last year was a rained-out disaster in Abbotsford;
I think it had lots to do with their slow start; they never quite got going.

that was 2 years ago , last year they had good weather.

Dude, I live in Abbotsford! 2 years ago was the best camp ever out here; last year was a disaster.

No rain today.