TDA 2022 events

We're visiting NS for TDA2022 and will be staying 1 ½ hours away from Wolfville but can't find anything about the events in Halifax. All CFL website states is all events will be in Halifax except TDA2022 game.
Can anyone be more help for us with events in Halifax such as: dates/ locations/times etc. We'd drive there for events but Halifax is a large city and as a visitor locations, locations, locations
Thanks if you know specifics for all us visitors attending TDA2022

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Try PM ing

Everything will be in the downtown square. Just pick a hotel downtown, here are my 3 picks. But there are many others that would are quite good but these are world class.

  1. The Lord Nelson across the street from the Citadel and the Commons. When you simply must have the Best.

  2. The Westin Nova Scotian: By Pier 21 right on the Harbor, Magical place during the summer but a walk uphill to get to the downtown square. Likely to be Cruise Ships docked there during the summer months.

3)Halifax Marriott Harbor Front Hotel: For the party crowd, connected to the Halifax Casino and the world famous Irish pub "The Lower Deck".


@Grover Thanks we have our accommodations lined up We were just trying to find times and locations our pre game events in Halifax

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