TD USA for Hamilton game at U of Buffalo

In watching the University of Buffalo game on TV last week that venue has a 400 meter track meaning that it can accommodate a CFL field. Much like in Montcon the field would have to be extended over the the track section where the field events such as the long jump pits would need to be covered by field turf. Since the U of Buffalo already has artificial field turf extending it would be fairly simple. The stadium is fairly new built in the 93 giving it some modern amenities along with regular seating capacity of 30,000. It has a big video screen, and I am re that i does have luxury suites available
Playing a game or some games here would get to close as Hamilton as possible as it it is a little shorter distance, 70 mi, then London and TD Waterhouse, 78 mi, which would need to have temp seats added.
Drew Willy of the Riders is a former 4 ear starter leading them to their only bowl appearance ever.
At least one game vs Saskatchewan in conjunction with U of Buffalo could be Drew Willy day and can be a celebration of the team that went to the bowl game in 2008 season making 2013 the 5 year anniversity.
Just Google the University of Buffalo football stadium and you will see that it is the best and closest option for the Ti Cats.
It is also one of the few stadiums along the border that can accomodate a CFL field along with the attnednace of at least 25,00 in which it holds 30,000.
Im not sure of the cost it would take for them to use the Stadium or the availability after the semester begins but should be available during the summer months.
If possible they can work in conjuction with the University to play at least that one game during homecoming weekend where the 5 year anniversery of their only bowl came can be celebrated with the Alumini and former players who are not currently playing pro football. The Homecoming game could be on one day and the Riders game on the other.
If you google Buffalo U football stadium you can see pictures as it would be the most FL ready field with the simple extention of the artificial field Turf over the track area were the long jump pits etc. are placed. The university is acually in the City of Amherst about 15 minutes outside of Buffalo ann is actualy amostly a Drive on the QEW about 1 and a half hours away. and is only 30 minutes from Niagra falls. 45 from St Catherines.
Even after 2013 Hamilton could at least play an exibition game their to spread the CFL into the States. TD USA.
I wonder if the CFL or Hamilton has looked into this possibility.
If it were to be one game Saskatchewan would be the best chice as it is Drew Willy's University where he holds most passing records. He may only be the number 2 again used as the short yardage QB but he will get into the game.

The CFL should have long ago played a few exhibition games in border cities in the US. The league played a game in Portland in the early 90's and drew a crowd that was larger than what some teams were drawing for some regular season home games that year. U of Buffalo plays in a stadium that seems ideal to host a preseason game. The Pontiac Silverdome is now owned by a Canadian who is looking for events to fill dates on the calender. Some preseason games in Toronto draw in the teens so I cant see them doing any worse in Detroit. If anything, it would help drum up some more interest in the game for football fans south of the border.

As my friend from there likes to remind me, Detroit is actually North of Canada :stuck_out_tongue:

Michigan, where my dad lives and I have visited on a number of occasions, is pretty Canadian-ized. It's not at all uncommon to see "centre" or even "colour" on signage there. In fact, my dad used to live in a community in central Michigan where every street name — a few dozen — was the name of a Canadian city. Moreover, the former two-term governor, Jennifer Granholm, is a dual U.S./Canadian citizen (she was born in Vancouver).

Massive numbers of jobs in Michigan depend directly on trade with Canada, so its influence isn't surprising.

Agreed. Remember staying in a hotel in Detroit and being shocked when I turned on the TV and saw Hockey Night In Canada & the CBC on the screen. :o

I agree with what everyone has said. The mayor of Windsor has been interested in getting a CFL team since 2005 and using the Silverdome as the home stadium. The point of where Detroit is located it does get a lot of Canadian influence with people crossing the border all the time for work etc.
The CFL itself just does not seem interested in the Area due to the NFL influence. They were supposed to have done studies etc and deemed it would not work.The mentioned the hassle of people having to cross the border to go to games.
I agree that pre season games especially Toronto do not draw so wht would be the harm to see how the population of the Windsor/Detroit/Pontiac area would respond to a game there every pre season.
The Huge silverdome capacity of 80,000 may have to remove some seating to fit the Canadian sized field but if they had a reason to do it i am sure that some construction could be done. to remove some end zone seating. Since it was bought by the Canadian businessman from Toronto they have made some upgrades to the facility. Windsor also played co host to the super bowl that was held in Detroit. It would never happen most likely but what if a non CFL city like Winsor put in a bid to host the Grey Cup it would be a record breaking crowd, It is indoors so their will be the comfort factor for the fans, It is a fairly reasonable drive for any of the eastern teams fans about 10 hours or less, and it is pretty centrally located geographically for Canada.
The University of Buffalo is a perfect size for a CFL game seating capacity is 30,000 and the field turf would just have to be extended over the track section where the long jump pits etc. are. It is actually closer than London and their would be no temporary seating needed.
I agree also that pre season games should have been played here for some time now. If the CFL wants to expand its fan base you need to bring some games to the area. The NFL had done this years ago by playing pre season games in Carolina and other no NFL cities and expansion has thrived in Carolina.
If the Bills Do move from Buffalo it will be interesting to see if anyone would have an interest in bringing a CFL expansion team to Buffalo. The stadium is already their and is up to CFL standards.
TD USA in Buffalo next year could prove to be a worthwile venture for the CFL. Getting a strong fanbase from the border states could do alot for TV contracts etc

There is something fundamentally wrong with having to show your passport to watch a game of Canadian Football, however if it’s done during the summer, before the College and NFL season’s start, it could be a good opportunity to spread the game and for once have people from Buffalo driving to Hamilton to watch a game.

I really think it would benefit the CFL to play at least some pre season games out side of the CFL cities each year whether in the US or Canada. The biggest problem they run into is that there are only 2 pre season games.
If they can somehow get three pre season games in that would give each team one home, one away, and one neutral site game in the pre season.
4 games
One in Buffalo
one in the silvedome
one in Quebec city
one in London

Other posssibilities
Back to Halifax
Saskatchewan can play one in Saskatoon
Montreal could even play a game in sherbrooke where they have taining camp
BC could play a game in victoria.
a game at quenns university possibily

Windsor is probably the most economically depressed area in the province of Ontario. People there don't have enough money to pay their bills, never mind paying for seasons tickets.

I have gotten that from the reports when they applied for expansion but we are talkin about one pre season game in June that could be resonably priced and include football fans from both sides of the border. Toronto gave away Tickets to their pre season game in the school day special so if the attendance was bad it would have little affect on the CFL. If it became an annual game it may be something that could be built upon. They could even do what they did in Toronto and make it a school day game for the students in the economically low are of Windsor and Detroit would get a chance to go to a pro football game. Imagine if organized well 60,000 school students attending packing the Silverdome. Now that is starting with some grass roots. Have them grow up as fans of the CFL and that is what they will know and what they will follow. Students from the numerous school districts on both sides of the border looking forward to this end of the school year game each season.

No chance, Southern ontario can't draw 25 000 in Hamilton or Toronto , how is going to the US , where they don't know our game,have NO INTEREST in our game and they view our league as a joke , going to sell :roll: ?. It would be embarrassing. It would never work. Next idea!

Windsor Detroit is not really the idea of this thread having the Ti Cats play some of their home games at the U of Buffalo next season is the purpose of this thread it a little closer to Hamilton then London. the stadium alrady seats 30,00and a CFL filed can fit in the stadium due to the fact that it is also a tack stadium with a 400 meter trackso the turf would just have to be extended over the track area where filed events take place such as the long jump pits and the field will fit perfect like it does in Edmonton and in Molson stadium and there will be no need like I said for temp seats as it already seats 30,000 permanent seats