TD Replays

???good game both teams. you know, though, the ‘command’ centre boys seem to have their head up their collective asses and are unable to see what is happening on the field for what it is. I really don’t care which team it is but there were 2 legitimate td’s taken away from players that deserve them!! You know which ones I mean. Use some discretion when reviewing these plays! The players earned the td,s. Give them to them!! It only adds to the excitement of the game. Don’t drag it down with your dragged out, ill advised review decisions. The game has become so mechanical, so sanitized. Bring some of the human factor back to the game. It is not going to affect the game outcome. CFL wake up!! This is not to favor anyone. It would be to improve the game, and the league. This process is too cumbersome ie too slow( lets go get a beer,take a leak, freeze our asses off). The fans are not wanting to wait for some of these needless reviews…to watch backup quarterbacks at the goal line rushing for 1 vard ad infinitum. Other than after the followup 1 yard advance CFL referees are, I believe, instructed not to signal a TD until the review is done by the Command center. The teams must be made to understand these changes are to increase fan appeal. Make a stand and an improvement!