TD Place Stadium questions

I am going to Ottawa the week of July 22nd and I am taking my friend from Maryland to the Redblack game on the 25th.

I have never been to the stadium before.

What would be the best place to eat? he loves wings and steak.

Should we get there early?

Is there a tailgate party?

Anything to do around the stadium?

For me just restaurants for just steaks it’s the formula standby Keg a CFL sponsor .

For Tex Mex it’s the Lone Star . It started In Ottawa by a former Rider .

There is party areas and restaurants around the stadium a new one is at the Aberdeen .

Plenty around the stadium.
Great stadium good sight lines.
Couple of things to ponder.
One side of the stadium is covered one not so much.
Last time I was there (2years ago)
No parking at the stadium or near by.

The best place to park from the direction you are coming from is the Canada Post on Riverside drive. Tons of FREE parking and free shuttle to the stadium right there at Canada Post. Shuttle start 2 hours before game and goes until 2 hours after the game. A buddy and I have season tix from day 1 of REDBLACKS driving from Kingston(2 hrs away) and take full advantage of the park and ride. Lots of restaurants on stadium property and ton of restaurants in the neighbourhood outside the stadium. Hope this helps.

I am staying at the Sheraton Downtown, is the stadium far from there? This will be my first time in Ottawa… We are planing to take a cab or an Uber

Best pre game atmosphere in the league. Multiple options for pregame drinks and eats immediately adjacent to the stadium. Fans (especially the young ones) have really bought in and go down to the site well before kick off time. Other teams need to take note

Looking for a great breakfast the King Eddy at 45 Clarence street in the market .

Burgers and shakes are good too .

Ottawa atmosphere deserves the love!

It is the best in the league.

Extremely healthy fanbase (age wise), with a diverse crowd.

The best gameday experience I’ve been part of.

Can’t wait for the Cats RB game in August. A Saturday afternoon special!

Gonna be a blast!

The stadium is on Bank street, one of the main drags starting downtown and running South. You should be able to easily take a bus right to the game. I used to walk that fairly often when I lived in Centretown, but it’s a bit of a hike from downtown.

If I recall, Best Western is the closest hotel to the Stadium?

still took a cab from there, but certainly walkable depending on the season.

Uber will be cheap lots of cabs run the route as well .

Bus will be very busy and crowded along Bank St .

If you leave early enough you will be able to hit one of the restaurants close by but you have to go early for a sit down establishment thats not fast food .

Will need to go down to the market after the game or sometime during your visit at summer time .

Thanks for the clarification, I’m heading out there this season?

If you already have your game tickets, then there is no need to take a cab or Uber. Free bus service from downtown, right to the stadium and back after the game. Just show the driver your game ticket when boarding the bus. People at the bus stops will tell you which bus to catch. I do this all the time when I’m in Ottawa to watch a game.

There is free parking and a free shuttle to and from the stadium from various sites around the city

All public transit is free for ticket holders before and after the game

Everything you need to know

Went to the Senate Tavern a couple of years ago at the Grey Cup. Walkable distance, right on Bank, south of the stadium. Had the Peanut Butter Burger, my friend had the Turducken sandwich. They were awesome.

Can’t add much more to what the other folks have said. Getting to the game is fast, easy and painless with park n’ ride and free bus transportation. And there are plenty of places to eat both on site and up and down Bank Street.

I grew up in Ottawa but left there 40 years ago, though I still go back at least once a year. I remember the old Landsdowne Park from the 60s and 70s and I can confidently say that what they have done with that facility is nothing short of amazing and visionary. This from a cranky old curmudgeon who hates change. But what they did to that place is for the better. Hard to believe that there was so much opposition in the proposal stages.