TD Place Open House

Tonight! Season ticket holders get to tour the stadium, try out some of the food options, etc.

If you're going, enjoy!!

I think I might have seen you there Mr CRF!

I went and had a great time. I wore my #65 Rudy Sims game worn jersey, got a ton of autographs what a great time !!! :thup: Great to be back at Lansdowne.

Could be, I was the boyishly handsome short guy with glasses IN THE SEAT NEXT TO YOURS. :lol:

How did you get there, and were there any glitches?

We parked at the R.A. Centre shuttled from there. I think it went fairly well , except that there should have been more singnage pointing to where fans should embark on the buses. It was a bit confusing because of this. At the stadium, on arrival, we weren’t sure what was going on but that is reasonable because it’s the first time. The staff was extremely courteous and polite, very impressive. The autograph session, was the worst part though. Thoroughly unorganized. and chaotic. The players should have lined up along the sidelines, 5 yards apart and everyone going clockwise would have worked perfectly. The buses worked very well, except for the staff, who directed us to the wrong buses as we were leaving. Overall it went pretty smoothly…

It was also tough to find our seats because of the lack of signage like the old ones that were removed.

Was there and had great time. Talked to Jeff Hunt and told him was driving for Kingston to see all the games. He seemed to be genuinely surprised we were traveling that far, thanked us and shook our hands. Seats are great and was fun to hear "Northside sucks" chants from people on Southside , and the games haven't even started yet! :rockin: :rockin:

Left or right side?

I saw you in the SS Lower Deck early on since old RR gear tends to catch my eye quickly!

I know that those glitches were exactly what this event was for, but my experience was similar. The bus drivers weren’t sure of where they were going (or more accurately, exactly how to get there). But once at the stadium it was pretty smooth, and the southside’s gorgeous. :thup:

Sun coverage:

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I was on the Redblacks site and found a photo of Jeff Hunt signing my poster. I was really surprised to find it. I didn’t know the official photographer had snapped the photo.

Looks amazing. Way to go Ottawa! I hope to get up there one day to see my Alouettes play the REDBLACKS!!!

The Sun video tour of the site.

It’s not just a RedBlack game in the new stadium I want to get to, I want to get to get to a 67’s game and see what they have done to the Civic Centre as well. Haven’t heard much about that part of the redevelopment. The two schedules don’t really mesh that well, so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get to two games on a single vsit.