TD Place Hiccups

Long lines at concessions, some not yet open, some having to be closed because they ran out of food, one in the upper north closed due to drainage issues caused by construction debris clogging drain in Woman's restroom. ATM's not working. Some glitches experienced at Fridays RedBlack game. Some of the consequences of rushing to the finish line. The OSEG said that things should be better for yesterday's Fury (NASL) game. Never heard how it went. Maybe a little later opening date isn't a bad thing if we can avoid some of these issues at THF.

Was your title a bit of a Freudian Slip? I was wondering what Tiger Cat Place was. :roll: And then I realized you were referring to TD Place when I read the whole post. Yes, hopefully THF has fewer hiccups when it ultimately opens. 8) I'll be happy for a completed stadium seat and a game that is played well. (I have low expectations - that way there is less chance of me being disappointed).

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Yeah definite slip been hanging around these TCs too long :? :thup:

Seriously??? Issues???
I was there for the opening game and they were “glitches” that can happen at any game and most fans wouldn’t have noticed. My opinion is that it was a fantastic night, great stadium and things like concession have improved a lot since the old days, great to see them serving beer in cans “tall boys”
The only problem I had was the long line ups at the concessions on the North Side, yes they ran out of food and beer at one concession and we moved on to the next concession. That is MINOR stuff.
This was the first game and they knew there could be problems, I’m sure they were expecting more problems but it went off without any major problems. ONE washroom in the womens clogged? and you would recommend delaying the opening??
I think they are really happy about the transportation situation, it went off without a hitch. Shuttles at the QE driveway entrance and OC Transpo buses on Bank.

People who haven't moved into their glass houses yet, shouldn't throw stones!!!

One thing I read about that impressed this bike rider is that over 500 fans arrived to the game by bike. Which I assume means there were places for 500 people to lock their bikes. That is fantastic Ottawa!

Early estimates suggest 5,500 fans took shuttles and 7,000 more took OC Transpo, both free services for ticket holders.

Ashe said fans were cleared out of the shuttle area 45 minutes after the game ended on Friday.

More than 500 fans rode bikes to the stadium on Friday, Ashe said.

That means less than half the crowd drove to the stadium area in their own vehicle. That is as it should be in this day and age - and hopefully Hamilton eventually gets to similar numbers with THF once transit is improved in this city. Planning to move crowds of 24,000 that way makes a heck of a lot more sense than trying to squeeze in 6000-8000 plus cars and parking spots for those cars into the middle of a residential neighbourhood if everybody chose to drive to THF with an average of 3-4 people per vehicle even.

Smart planning Ottawa!

Thats what a hiccup is a minor inconvenience that’s not a serious condition. These are minor issues that apparently were fixed for the Fury game just thought it may be something we could learn from!

Right now I'd be very happy if THF opened on Aug 16th with concessions that run out of beer, and a few flooded washrooms.

My Ticats season tickets came with a “Welcome to Tim Hortons Field” insert. It included the following:
“Biking - Bike valet and storage is located on the east side of the stadium for a secure storeroom of bicycles during the game”

Bike Valet, another new option, is still an available opportunity for the right sponsor.

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Thanks Dan for that info about Bike storage.

One of the reasons I really hope the stadium hosts the August 16th game is because I'd rather get the 'hiccups' out of the way that game rather than have the Labour Day game be the guinea pig. You just know if there are a few minor hiccups on Labour Day that is all the Toronto media would write about.

TD Hiccups as opposed to TC, either way could be I guess if the process is rushed now to open? I agree if the Tiger-Cats opened on the Aug 16th date and used that as the trial game with the home opener and PR event for Labor Day that would be great in front of a sell out and with media coverage. It would be even ironic that the Redblacks home opener was against the Argo's and so could the Cat's be on Labor Day, might be a good omen for a Ti-Cat victory!!

Either way they could get all the bugs ironed out on the Aug 16th game?


Ok, that was pretty funny. :smiley:

And while the aphorism about glass houses is generally about reciprocation, I guess as Hamilton fans, we can also do with a reminder that when you live in glass house, you shouldn’t throw stones at your own house either. :wink:

This is funny :thup:

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Sorry, I’m not going to feel bad about driving a vehicle. Options are great. Get to the games however you choose. But to suggest that biking or transit are the way it should be “in this day and age” is a veiled vilification of those who choose to drive. If you want to bike there great. Don’t attempt to force your opinion or way of life upon others. We’ll talk in November as your biking to a P.O. game and I drive by, warm.

It is not a vilification Billydee - but an acknowledgement that especially for a stadium in the middle of a residential neighbourhood it is the 'right' thing to minimize the impact on the neighbourhood by making it as convenient as possible for those who prefer not to drive. Indeed there may be some crap weather games where my brother will want to drive us instead of taking transit or biking so I'm not being radical about this.

But I'm sure thousands who live within lets say a kilometre of the stadium would much prefer it if 1/3 or more of the crowd is able to get to and from games without completely jamming up their neighbourhood with thousands of extra cars making it impossible for them sometimes to even park at their own home for some that don't have driveways and rely on street parking - or make it impossible for them to have guests on the days or nights of game because no street parking is available anywhere near their homes.

When I'm going to a game at THF - I'm a guest in their neighbourhood and I try to be a polite guest minimizing the impact on them. Making it possible for thousands to take bikes and transit to the game does just that.

Just be thankful the city doesn't do what the city of Toronto used to do around Maple Leaf Gardens which was basically in a residential neighbourhood in TO. They had permit parking on all the streets within blocks of the Gardens that residents had for overnight parking but the restrictions were not in effect until after midnight most nights - because there were enough street spots for all residents plus a limited number of others for area bars, restaurants and shops. But on nights of Leafs games - which of course brought thousands of extra people to the neighbourhood on game nights the street permit parking for blocks every direction of the Gardens kicked in earlier at 8:00PM and it was strictly enforced and cars would get ticketed and sometimes towed if they were parked on the streets without a permit. It had to be done for the people that lived in the neighbourhood of the Gardens otherwise on game nights they themselves or anybody visiting them in a car couldn't park anywhere near. So after one or two tickets car drivers to Leafs game quite quickly learned to take transit or pay to park in one of the lots.