TD passes down this year.

With only one week to go in the CFL Henry Burris is leading the league in touchdown passes with a grand total of 23. While last year Calvillo led the league with 34. Comparatively Donovan McNabb in the NFL has 16 TD passes after only 7 games (on pace for 37 in only 16 games).

Now what do you posters think are the contributing factors this year that lead to touchdown passes being down across the CFL, a supposedly pass happy league?

I say its the ball
actually everything is down in regards to passing this year

I caculated this last weekend sometime so figure there were between 4 and 6 games to go at the time.

2005 5625 attempts 3458 compt 45430 yards 257 tds

2006 4424 attempts 2697 compt 34100 yards 170 tds

You may want to edit your attempts for 2006. 2697 completions out of 2697 attempts would be quite a feat.

oopss 4424 attempts

So looking at those numbers in 2005 there was a TD pass once out of 21.9 attempts. While in 2006 there was a TD pass once out of 26.0 attempts.

I think the ball is definitely one of the factors. Did teams start to go more to a running attck?

assumming, these are league totals, you might be forgetting that without ottawa, there are less games. Try calculating on per game average.

Per game stats (total both teams)

2005 (81 games): 69.44 attempts, 42.69 completions, 560.9 yards, 3.17 TD passes

2006 (69 games so far): 64.11 attempts, 39.1 completions, 494 yards, 2.46 TD passes.

There seems to be alot of timed one-drop short TD tosses in the NFL. For example, Peyton manning will often take a step & lob one high into the corner of the endzone before either the receiver or defender see it comming. Of course only the reciever knows it will be there & the defender is usually all twisted around....

I don't understand why with the larger endzones, plays like this aren't attempted more often in the CFL. Maybe its because the shallow endzone in the NFL takes away the safety from the corner lobs? Instead we aften see teams trying to pound it in or swing passing to Charles Roberts... which also works mind you...

Yeah, i think its that stupid ball

i think its more sophisticated defences through out the league personally

You think it made that big of a difference in ONE year?

I also think the defenses are playing more sophisticated now and confusing the offences up, especially the qb's. But another trend I see is that our qb's don't seem to be allowed to do their own thing as much as in the past when Flutie and Garcia were allowed to improvise more, or so it seemed. The offenses I think are more regimented now.

In the CFL there really needs to be, generally speaking anyway, a threat for the qb to take off at any time and once defenses know this won't likely happen, it is easier for them to defend.

Who cares. Passing is down this year. Running is up. Next year it might be the opposite. Why is this some kind of disaster for the league? It seems we always focus on the negative up here. Hockey sucks. Curling sucks. The CFL sucks. When does it stop?

You have a point there berezin I'll agree. You really need to look at least 3 years, maybe longer, before people jump to any real conclusions. That being said, there are times when it is easy to say that such and such a new rule isn't working and I think the blocking on punt returns is an example.

what about offensive coaching changes. to sask mont ham all had changes and wpg kinda did too al these teams learning new systems could have had an effect for the start of the year at least.


The same QB's are still hurling the ball but the big difference this year is better defences. Last year there were perhaps 2 or 3 dominant defences in the league, now all the playoff teams have renowned defences. Maybe it is just more commitment to defence, better schemes, etc, but the QB's just don't have the time in the pocket to pick out the open receiver downfield. All QB's are being hurried and are taking a pounding in the pocket this year.

Why do you think that?

Points per game are also down this year. Last year games averaged 53.9 points while this year they are averaging 42.4 points a game.

The points are down, but I don't think that much.
I get approx. 48 per game when I do the math. One of us forgot to carry the one...
Anyway, the big change is in the kick returns.
Teams are forever starting on there own 5 yard line this year, which means that they spent 6 minutes getting it out to the 52, then punt. Nice drive, no points.
If you can believe Eric Tillman, and I was skeptical, he believes that having 42 guys on the rosters has made a huge difference to the defences, but especially the kicking game.
Everybody can remain fresh because they don't have to play as many starters on special teams, plus in case of injury, the depth is better.

I think it was all the stupid penalties.

And the ball sucks...