TD Cascade/Olympique (aka BC Vs. Montreal) TONIGHT!!!

who do you think will win?


Hey Third....Barrin Miles says he loves playing on the road in hostile territory. He loves it when the fans insult and heckle him. He says it makes him play harder.

So please heckle and insult lots tonight! :wink:

what do I think? I'm going with BC, Montreal is on a downfall at the moment and really needs a bye to rest and think about what to do to get the team back on track, while BC has a powerful team under either DD or Buck.

I'll be cheering on Montreal, but BC will more than likely dominate them.

BC: 32
Mon: 17

Never will I insult the amazing Barron Miles. That guy is simply the best player Montreal ever let go. I won't be surprised if he's the one who makes a big play to give BC the win...

I think Montreal is going to play much better than they have of late. I bet they jump out to an early lead but BC comes back at the end to take it.

Montreal wont lose 4 in a row (or two in a row at home)

I see a home and home split. Montreal winning tonight (Unless Third gets too drunk and heckles too much :wink: ) And BC winning the return match.

i think montreal will own bc.

i can't see them losing infront of thier home crowd AGAIN, and the als have NEVER lost 4 straight with the don as coach.

with DD comming off injury, i dont expect DD to be as sharp as usual.

I dont know Sport, they have looked pretty crappy in their last 2 losses, not even in the game.

We'll see how rusty Dickenson is. Montreal has to be hungry for a win more than BC. To lose another one at home would be hard to swallow.

But I wouldn't mind being wrong on this pick in Big Dave's pool! not gonna put money on this

it could very well end with a lions win too...i just suspect the als will win.

I think that BC will win (or has won).

How about putting an expiration when creating a poll? :roll: