TD atlantic too early in the day

11:30AM eastern?!?!?!

eskimo fans in alberta will probably still be sleeping or just getting out of bed when kick-off happens.

why is this game not few hours later so the whole country can tune in at a decent time, and get the highest TV ratings possible?

this will have the lowest tv audience of the weekend for CFL football ( inless i completely underestimate the viewers watching in atlantic canada ).

should have been on at noon pacific. a good time for all across the country!

pre game is at 11:30, the game kicks off at 12:05 eastern standard time.

that is a bit early but that's what happens when the game is in Atlantic time zone.

The Esks are 2-9. How many Esks fans are gonna wanna watch anyway? This just gives them an excuse not to. :lol:

The game starts at 9:00 am Pacific time and finish at noon. Call me an oddball, but I think that's the perfect way to start the day. 9:00 is sleeping in to me, and I don't usually get much done in the morning other than eat breakfast and drink coffee, anyway. I can do that while watching a game. Then I've got the whole afternoon to actually get stuff done.

You forgot the Baileys, but other than that what a glorious morning.

When it comes to scheduling, the CFL wil do whatever the Toronto Sports Networks tells them to do.

If the game starts at 12:00 local in Moncton, that would be 8AM Pacific Time (730 for the pregame). That ain't gonna happen in THIS house on a Sunday.

There is a 4-hour difference between the coasts, not 3. Its 3 hrs difference to Ontario.

Coffee just isn't coffee unless it's Irish. :wink:

from a west coast pov…this is great…
quit whining
ET noon
the fans in Moncton get a game at prime afternoon time: 1 pm
West Coast at at 9…perfect
edmoton at 1O

I was thinking Mill St. Coffee Porter for my alcoffeine fix, but I like the sounds of coffee+Baileys better.

"One of These Days"....... it's going to feel so good to see/watch the Esk's just roll to a win. Thunder Struck. :rockin:

Noon Pacific is 4pm Atlantic. That's something less then a great time to play a game.

I'll probably miss the start, I tend to sleep in on the weekends cause I'm lazy. They can't start it too late as TSN shows a Sunday night NFL game as well.

Bad timing all around. With eight teams and 4 games per week why does the CFL find it neccessary to compete with the NFL, especially during the busier of their 2 Sunday start times. If the league must have a Sunday game push it to the 4pm EST slot when there is less competition. The Moncton game should have been on a Saturday with a more reasonable 3pm AST start.

I hate the NFL brand of football, but I'm honest enough to admit it's foolish to directly compete for viewers with them on a Sunday afternoon. Again if they must play Sunday go with a later start and stick with your stronger markets in the game. Toronto is not one of them.

Bud, the CFL gets higher TV ratings then the NFL head-2-head, so they don't need to change game times to avoid competing with the NFL.

This is about a start time so CFL fans coast-2-coast can tune in at a decent time.

Agreed. I would have started the game an hour later, but whatever. Something to think about for next year.