TD Atlantic - Ti-Cats Vs Stamps

I wonder who loses the home game? Hopefully it will be a success like last year.

The buzz is this will be a home game for the Ti-Cats.

I suppose the novelty of two new teams this season is nice --
but didn't the local community genuinely embrace the Argos last year?

It seems more interesting when the locals have an actual rooting interest.

In this scenario, though, it just feels like a completely manufactured "event"
-- much like one of those NFL games in England.

meh :expressionless:

If so, I think it's BS that the East loses a home game 2 years in a row. It all boils down to money I'm sure.

...I would assume this means the 2011 schedule release can't be far behind

One would assume that a game in the east would mean an east team losing the home game.

It's odd that the Argos aren't playing in the Atlantic Bowl. The region had embraced the Argos as their "home team", much like the Leafs were before expansion. Having the Argos playing probably contributed to the popularity of the game last season.

I don't like it either, especially now that the LDC got destroyed.I thought scheduling was bad the last 2 years, but this year takes the cake for sure.

Not really. Like you said, it all boils down to money.
It's no coincidence that the Argos and the Ti-Cats were the teams selected as the home teams.

As for, rooting interest, when I was there in September, it seems the local fans were pretty neutral. They just enjoyed the game and cheered for good plays in general.

It's a shame its about $300 round trip via rail or air to Moncton. I really wanted to see us put the hurt on the Stamps out there. Maybe there will be a bus or I can organize a road trip.

....that's a lot of money to spend on eventual disappointment Hammer :twisted: :twisted: ...

leads me to beleive they will rotate all 8 teams through. makes sense. although i cant imagine montreal being willing to give up a home date... considering its the hottest ticket in the CFL next to the Grey cup. even though a grey cup ticket is cheaper and easier to get.

I do believe that teams do get the right to say no?

or to at least reject their opponent for gate revenue purpose.

like to me, losing a home game with the Riders would be a mistake.

and there's no way the Riders will ever give up a home game, no matter the amt of $ the CFL is offering. the fans would lose their minds.

A straight line like that is just soooooo hard to resist. . .

It's a hot ticket because McGill only holds 25K. Basic supply and demand. It boils down to Money and the fact that once the ti-cats get the new stadium they will not want to lose a home game.

well it's true.. the league's largest fan base and biggest ticket seller cannot have one of their home games taken away.

I would think it would be worse to take a home game away from Montreal. There was an article on a few months ago where Tom hellard was interviewed. He casually mentioned Montreal to be the biggest money maker in the CFL.

ACOA subsidises touchdown Atlantic to the tune of $800 000.00 plus the gate... So It isn't a money loser for any team. But could be a cash cow for a few...

ACOA : Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency.

Federal tax money (you and me)

That's some good money.