TD Atlantic Thoughts

Hey all,

After watching last night's game (a sloppy one at that- but hey, it's preseason), a few things came to mind.

  1. That game did nothing for the QB controversy in Hamilton, in fact, it probably made it worse. Danny Mac was terrible as the only man he could hit consistently was Adrion Smith. He couldn't get it done vs the Argos starting D. Marcus Brady did nothing to move himself up the depth chart and Ben Sankey only tore apart the Argos 2nd or 3rd string D players who probably won't survive the cuts.

  2. Jordan Younger proudly proclaimed "2005 Argonauts. Nothing's changed!". Sadly, that is true for the offence too as the Argos really had a hard time moving the ball. If not for outstanding field position due to numerous TiCat turnovers, I don't think the Argos would have scored any points on offense.

  3. Robert Baker has obviously not improved his ball control skills in the off season. He fumbled the first pass thrown his way. Exactly how is this guy better than Andre Rison (who made a nice catch/run on that play that was called back btw..)?

  4. I wouldn't call the video review experiment a total failure, but it was also not a real success either. They really need to determine wicht plays should be challenged (i.e. line of scrimmage infractions) and which ones shouldn't (i.e. illegal substitution: how many cameras will they need to monitor the sidelines all the time?).

  5. Given that it was the first preseason game for both teams, you'd expect a low-scoring affair, but I think this further demonstrates the need for more preseason games. I realize that with a 9-team league, you can only do either 2 or 4 preseason games per team (3 won't work for scheduling), but it's painfully clear that if the offences are in this condition now, is it realistic to think they'd be in good form by Opening Day, less than 2 weeks away and only tested in 1 more game condition? This is one of the hidden benefits that having a 10th team (not to beat the dead expansion horse any more) would have. During the broadcast, they mentioned that the Argos are expecting 40,000+ to their opening game. I'm sure many of these people will be attending their first Argo game in a long time, or even ever, and they will go home disappointed unless the offences get more time to get into game shape.

  6. Great, enthusiastic crowd in Halifax last night. The stadium looked good and the fans really seemed into the game. The "Boring" chant during the last video review was a good touch too. Well done Halifax! You'd make a great addition to this league

Players who looked good last night:
Hakim Hill - could've used more touches though
Julian Radlein
Ben Sankey
Andre Rison
Michael Palmer
Greg Golden

Players who looked bad last night
Danny Mac
Marcus Brady
Scott Covington
That guy who missed the hold twice on the PAT (sorry, can't think of his name offhand)
Robert Baker
The guy who failed to recover the Brady Fumble after the sack (#47 Argos, I think)

Hamilton better do something about their Qb. situation…quick…Maas is waiting for a call in EDM…but now that Ricky is hurt that one may have slipped away…maybe you could talk WPG. into a trade as they seem to have a surplus of QBS. …McMANUS looked bloody awful…he should have retired…when you lose that touch on the ball it becomes quite obvious…looks alot like Khari did last year with the BOMBER…throwing ducks. :!:

There is no quarterback controversy unless one of the backups shows that he is better than the starter. While McManus struggled yesterday, Brady was unable to put points on the board as well, and threw nearly as many interceptions as Danny did.

Hamilton didn't play John Beutjer for even one down; I'm really disappointed in that. I was looking forward to seeing him in real game action. The only time we've seen him play so far was the black-and-gold game, and he looked great then, while Sankey, who did the best job yesterday, was the worst of the four. In fact I think Sankey was on the bubble going into yesterday's game, and that's why they were auditioning other players to hold for the kickers, previously Sankey's job. But how can you release him now, after he was the only one who moved the ball?

I have no doubt that McManus will do better in the next game, will be given the start in Montreal, and will show that he is still capable of winning, and still the best quarterback we have.

Like Lancaster always said, the most popular guy on the field is the backup quarterback. That's because when you don't throw any passes, you don't throw any interceptions. No touchdowns, either, but everyone always believes the #2 guy is a superstar waiting for his chance.

Does Mcmanus ever have a so-so game?

It always seems like he's either got rhythm and is nearly unstoppable, or he's the worst QB in the league.

And Toronto looks like the same team - excellent defense, great special teams, and an embarrassing offense.

He's right, there is no QB controversy...they ALL suck...

My own thoughts, as I dictated as I watched...sorry if some of this has been repeated but I didn't read what's been posted prior to this:

  1. Adrion Smith is going to the Hall...(his read on his 2nd int made a 14 year vet look like a chump)

2)That first play from scrimmage gave me goosebumps...(and made me giggle)

3)Danny Mac is do you still telegraph passes that blatantly after 100 years in the league?? Do you still not want Maas, BigDave??

4)Funniest line in the braodcast..."Danny McManus got a personal trainer in the off-season...maybe his new strength caused those int's" :lol:

5)What's with the hockey organ music at a football game??

6)Greg Marshall will most undoubtedly die of a coronary. Take a chill pill, man!?! Chicklets over there has a grin as wide as Manitoba and this guy's working over his gum like Bear Bryant...

  1. Tourism Nova Scotia ad is as cheesy as they come...that first, three minute commercial cheese-fest made me think the Special Olympics were coming to Hali...
8)Matt Petz is a player...and a beast!

9)If everyone is so high on Hakim HIll...why did he touch the rock so little??

And finally...Glen Suitor still sucks. "Hey Suits, dead air, in your case is good air!"

And finally, finally..will Chris Hardy end up in the Hall??

Nope. The Shmoes can keep him. When Danny racks up another 5000+ yards this season, and finally wraps up his hall-of-fame career in November, Maas can send the team his resume. Until then, let him rot on the bench.

No one will ever out-smile Pinball. Even when Marshall is smiling, he looks kind of angry.

I actually agree with you on that one.

Sure. If he’s got the admission price, he’s as welcome as anyone. :lol:

…SPORTS HEADLINE IN HAM…should read DANNY DONE LIKE DINNER…got to agree about Suitor…maybe he should leave TSN. and take a coaching position with the Riders. :idea:

His anger makes him likable...for now... :wink:

First pre-season game last year I think he completed one pass. I wanted to check that, but of course the meaningless pre-season stats are nowhere to be found.

Yeah, it's something for the team to be concerned about. Maybe they need to pull a couple of the plays out of the playbook, or work on their timing some more; but you don't cut a 15-year veteran who's passed for over 50,000 yards, who was the best QB in camp, just because of his performance in the first pre-season game.

I agree, but...the Esks have been accused of being classless at times, dumping guys, but honestly, you have to!? Danny Mac is done....I would try and get Maas right're not gonna hurt mac'c feeling's...he knows he sucks!

Let me clarify my stand on Maas.
Really, nothing against the man. But I don't think Hamilton should trade away any decent players for a guy with a bum arm who'll only be here for a year. If he wants to come here when he's a free agent, fine.
But Edmonton decided not to discuss any deal for any of their quarterbacks after signing Ray. Now two will be sitting on the bench while the other plays. Once Maas becomes a free agent, he'll bolt to a team where he has a chance of being a starter, and the Shmoes who paid his salary while he rode the pine will get absolutely nothing for him. Good on 'em, if you ask me.

I think that it was a great day for the CFL and HALIFAX.....a sell out at 40$ to 60$ a ticket for a place that has no team, is really great.

I wonder what the T.V. ratings will be like?

BIG MAC, is always bad in pre I wouldn't worry, as some have said...........

In the first half , the ARGOS looked stronger than last year......WOW , and some back ups looked pretty good..................

BISHOP, didn't play which was a surprize.He will probably get some playing time in the rematch and it may be sold out in HAMILTON.....great!

We have had some pretty good exibition attencence in pre season.

In my opinion ( and I know it doesn't count for much being american) but I thought it was a very proud day for the CFL and the people and community of Halifax!

Consider that the game was important enough to be broadcast down here ( which I watched), AND it was a sellout,AND it was great weather,AND it was a great game (ok interceptions aside...but it is pre-season)

For all the threads we've had here regarding expansion to the Maritimes, no matter what anyone's opinion is. I liken it to living in a country that allows only half the population to have clean drinking water! Of course that is absurd!!!

To me it is also absurd to not have a tradition as strong and as awsome as the CFL representing such a great nation COAST TO COAST!

It's time to expand to the East....and the time is NOW!!

WOW , I am glad you got to see the game.....and having the CFL from coast to coast would make a true national league.....thanks for the compliment. :smiley:

And your opinion does count :wink: allot :smiley:

It was good to see the fans excited for some CFL in Hali. Hopefully everything goes well and they can land a team in the somewhat near future. It would be great to have a truly national league.

As for the game, yes the argos look exactly like the same team as last year, because they kind of are the same team as last year. They also won the Grey Cup, so that should be a good thing. While their offence isn't the greatest it can get the job done, and the D and special teams more than make up for it.

Nothing really surprised me in yesterday's game.
Once again, Danny Mac needs to retire. How can Hamilton fans not be worried when he threw 3 INT's in not even a full pre-season game. What is he looking at when he throws the ball.

It's time to consider offering up 2 or 3 Grey Cup games over a 5-year period as a way to generate money for governments so that they will have no excuses to not fund building a stadium. This would be like using the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games to get facilities built, only on a smaller scale and without having to suck up to anyone outside of Canada. The big 4 pro leagues also offer up All-Star Games or the Super Bowl to help pay the costs of stadium construction. I agree about the Nova Scotia Tourism ads. This is the same organization that used a celtic song about hardship and starvation in a previous tourism campaign.

let me stated it clearly WOW i am pleased and happy witht he atmosphere there i am happy witht he results of the game. i know id id not see it in person but i was impressed.

Thank you is great to hear from some one who was there. :smiley:

You people did HALIFAX proud! :smiley:

I went to Touchdown Atlantic Saturday night in Halifax and have to say I was truly impressed everything was well done the festival , the game , Bathrooms and beer tents were easily accesable , this was my first Live CFL game and after that I certainly hope it won't be my last! 8)