TCV vs Hurry Up

Tonite, it’s Tedford’s hurry up offense against Schonert’s Time Count Violation offense.

One one side, plays are called in advance; on the other, they are called after the fact, secure in the knowledge that there is no bad play. No contrast could be more blatant.

I wonder which one will prevail ? :roll:

Do not agree with that at all. BC has to fake like they are going to run a play and then call a play over any noise. Sometimes other teammates have to relay the call to each other because they cannot hear Lulay. There have been many times this year when BC's offense just gets the play off as the time is running down to 0. Too many of BC's offensive plays looks like they are on the road playing against a hostile home crowd.

And yet, they are still able to move the ball and put up points. Cortez > > Schonert

Shutting down the BC Lion offence is as simple as watching Travis Lulay's eyes. Of late he has been telegraphing his passes by staring down his receiver. If Beck plays instead of Lulay, we might be in trouble.

His hair is day glow red
His calls sweet surprise
His shoulder's on a thread
He's got Travis Lulay eyes
He'll turn his cadence on you
You won't have to think twice
He's rare as BC snow
He got Travis Lulay eyes

He'll expose you, when he screens you
Off your feet with the bombs he throws you
He's ferocious and he knows just
What it takes to make a pro rush
All the boys think it's a slant
He's got Travis Lulay eyes