tc23's article / 30,000 kids at ARGOS ex game!

Thanks to tc23's , article :rockin:

In the Toronto Argos section' of the CFL forums , tc23 , posted an article about the fact that
30,000+ kids are going to be at the ARGOS ex home game Vs. MONTREAL , June , 19th.
YES , these tickets are free bees , however , if many season ticket holders go , then the ARGOS could get 40,000+ fans or more.

This is a great idea. This targets the next generation of fans and kids do buy concessions. You don't make money off an empty seat.

I think that EDMONTON has done this for many years during the regular season. :thup:

So the Argos largest attendance this year will be a preseason game... :lol:

And this joke is coming from a B.C. fan? You are walking on thin ice , are you not. :lol: :wink:

ya the Lions should have NO excuses selling 50,000 tickets each game..

those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...

Very true :lol: :wink:

should be an enjoyable evening of football in T.O. :thup:
If the Argos could attain 40,000+ into the RC, the atmosphere will change dramatically and provide a much needed adrenaline boost to both players and fans alike.
While the RC may not be the most suitable of all football stadiums, the crowd itself can make or break the experience.

and the TiCats anticipate a full house for their PS game, thus hopefully expanding the fan base and generational transition for southern Ontario.

EXCELLENT!!! :rockin:

Its a step in the right direction for sure, but I really hope they build and maintain the momentum that this could possibly provide.

I am hopeful that things could start to turn around in s. Ont. soon.

Lets hope it also starts some thing in MONTREAL and the rest of Canada including the EAST coast. :wink: :rockin:

I can tell you that making lousy but cheap seat available to kids like me way back when resulted in a life long fan who will spend several hundred dollars to fly several thousand miles for a game.

This is the kind of marketing that has to be ongoing, year after year. They can't just do it this year then forget about it. If they do it consistently they will eventually build a much larger, stalwart fan base of paying customers.

HAMILTON had a full house for their 1st ex-game. :thup: :rockin:

Har Har. Nice to hear Hamilton’s attendance though…

Not a lot of people in B.C. , for their first ex-game tonight :wink:

I noticed tonight’s game in Hamilton was full. These kinds of promotions is what the CFL clubs need to do. Find the next generation of CFL fans early. Pre-season games aren’t popular anyways for season ticket holders and the paying public, so why not give those games a bit more atmosphere by exposing new people to the CFL?

Mid week game. Not many people want to commute by train louder excuses but that's just the way it is plus our weather has sucked so far don't really feel like the start of football season.

To be fair, most of those were freebies. The team 10 complimentary tickets to any season seat holder that wanted them, so the vast majority of the people at the game did not pay to get in. That said, it was nice to have a big crowd at the park. I suspect that 27,000-plus won't be what the team averages, but I suspect a lot of packed houses for this final season at Ivor Wynne.

The ARGOS are going the same thing so it is a great promotion.
You can't make any money from an empty seat.

very true argofan.
great atmosphere last night, and the concession/merchandise stands were doing brisk business as well. :thup:

That is the whole idea plus it reminds people that the season is about to start in a teams city. :thup:

I wasn't demonizing the team for doing it; I think the giveaway is a great idea, especially for a game that very few people want to pay to see. I think what the Argos are doing is a great idea as well. But saying that the there was a full house, while true, doesn't tell the whole story. I don't want you or anyone else getting their hopes up that 27,000-plus will be the norm.