TC Video Blogs..who do you want to see???

Since it’s still the offseason and I’ve really enjoyed the Training Camp Video blogs and hope they continue the tradition this year I thought it might be fun to see who others think should get a camera this year. Who do you think would make the best Video Blogger???

I’d like to see AB3 from the offense because I think he has a great sense of humour and would be very entertaining.

The defense is a little tougher for me I think either Baggs or JJ would be great.

I also think Yannick Carter is a pretty funny guy and might do a great job.

Any thoughts??

So the first year it was Peter Dyakowski and Nick Setta, then the second year it was Mo Mann and Garret McIntyre.

Assuming they go with one offensive player and one defensive player again this year.......

Defense: Jamal Johnson

Offense: Peter Dyakowski ( If not him then Avon Cobourne )

I would love to see Dyakowski again also, but didn't want to repeat. His was the best.

offense:Avon Cobourne
defense: Stevie Baggs

Markeith Knowlton and Jamall Johnson, just to see the contrast between Markieth, the more well rounded MVP linebacker that does it all and Johnson, the intense monster that gives quarterbacks nightmares and reminds Corey Boyd what it's like to run into a brick wall.

Ray Mariuz and Matt Carter

Sure enjoyed all the video's. Veterans and rookies, also enjoyed the great camp pic's posted by the fans KEEP THEM COMING AND THANK YOU. :smiley: :thup:

That was going to be my vote..

on offense I'd like to see one of the offensive linemen
I'd like to hear from one of the special teams players as well

AC for sure.