TC thread

Lots of people have been talking about Glenn doing awsome at training camp he could be #1 now and Banks has been having trouble with the system.There was a sweet catch that milt made to.It's looking good for 2006!!!

...Apparently Glenn has looked great...Brazell is really doing his thing....and Ron Warner looks like he is going to take a shot at Flemings old job...this guy is one mean customer....and very versatile...he was playing end in the past for us when we were crushing people but with Canada and Gavin Walls experience as def. end...i don't think we need to worry about this position... ...can't wait to see this team play for real... :smiley:

if youve been to training camp at all i just wanna no how thurman, aj3, and simpson are doing.....dont get to hear much about them on the news

go to ourbombers, alot more bomber coverage there, especially recievers far a big surprise ...GLENN...he has come to camp with a great attitude and its showing in his performance...if he can keep this going all season....we are going to be one 'tough club' to contend with... :rockin:

Was at the tc this morning. Those two guys sure are making a dif. Even Jamie was looking good catching lot of passes in close coverage.

Now! Not so sure about Smith. Almost get the feeling he is here for the fun of it. Winnipeg is great at this time of the year. No skeeters and nice weather. Where will they put him?

Smith will be back this wknd, it must be killing him watching,Even Roberts felt sorry for him. Alot of good battles happening out on the field, the reciever position has a log jam going on, it starts after Stegall. The Bomber brain trust will be in deep thought for the next few weeks, hope they make the right decisions...Stegall also hopes so...
Go Bombers

...Smith and Blink....yakking it up on the sidelines...seem to be ol' buddys by the way they are getting along...Childs is making a lot of people take notice...this back is gonna make a real case for staying with the BigBlue.....Arjey Franklin is making some phenomenal catches for a 'raw; rookie....i wouldn't like to be the guy who has to make the decisions come cut-down day...all postions are definitely being challenged by some pretty good talent... :thup:

You know Bomber fans, what concerns me is the QB position. Glenn has stood on his head in camp...the supporting cast, have shown flashes...but they are diffently not on fire. This will hopefully change leading into Pre season action...Go Bombers..

at least glenn has shown he's prepared to start

I have no problem whatsoever with Glenn as our #1 guy...He impressed me last year...

I agree Kubie......and welcome aboard....KG is looking more comfortable then ever...he will have a much improved supporting cast around him and not just on the field but off it as well....if he goes down that could be a problem but imo all teams would be in the same boat. he's got another year of experience under his belt...he was what? 26 last year? He's gonna be fine...

The media is calling Glenn a new man, don't know what there talking about...seems to me he's comming around just fine. It's true, Berry does know football, according to Stegall...the system can't fail, as long as everybody does there job...can't wait to see it..

The new guys who have stood out for me were Henri childs, Andrea Thurmon, and Donny Green. Childs is a very big, but versitile back, kind of like Jerome Bettis. Thurmon is small, but fast and has good hands, he would be a good deep or short pass threat either way. Donny green controls the bomber defence, hes loud and lets everyone know what they should be doing. So far the bombers are looking really good, but will have it tough with Hamilton new and improved, and ottawa out of the league.

Hamilton has the worst defence in the league....when are people going to realize this....

I havent got out to a practise yet but for anyone that has or has heard, how is Walls doing?

Walls is doing well...Our d-line is gonna be even better than last year...expect alot of sacks from Walls, Canada and Stevie Baggs

...Baggs has been really impressive...its a three horse race for 'd' end...all of these guys possess great skills and should start...Walls and Baggs are going to be awesome together....and we don't lose anything with Canada in...maybe a little speed... Baggs being a little quicker....nice problem to have...goBigBlue... :thup:

...Milt was working his magic the other day,,,,,over..the...shoulder one hander...and it looks like he ain't lost a step.. :thup: