TC going to be selling Season Ticket blanks?

Great job on the tickets this year!! Just wondering if the Ticats are planning on selling blanks? As I would love some used copies of the final game ticket to frame up!

Great Idea !! because i want to keep the booklet in tacked. :thup:

I was going to call my ticket rep first thing Monday morning to ask if they could print me regular tickets I can use at the gate. I don't even want to take mine to the stadium, as I'm sure to ruin them. I'm going to make a nice collage with one booklet and keep one intact.

Great idea. :rockin:

Not sure if it work though, as, even though all Ticat fans are notoriously loyal to their team, the temptation to use both copies of the tickets and let friends/relatives a chance at free admission (without, of course, assigned seating) may keep the team from implementing your idea. :wink:

Since they scan your tickets when you enter, you can't use both copies the same ticket. If two people try to enter with different copies of the same ticket, the second will probably just be denied entry.

If you want to keep the original tickets, you might be able to print off the PDFs of the tickets through the Account Manager (follow the link off the home page), and use those instead of the tickets they gave you.

Awesome idea Picat!!! I checked it out and it will definately work!!!

Yep that's what we did last year and it worked out well.

This is a fantastic idea as I also want to keep the original tickets intact.

I was wondering if the Ti-cats forum mod could actually confirm that this idea works. :smiley:

It worked last year. I printed mine off to almost every game last season.

The tickets are fabulous this year. No question.

Thanks for the suggestion to print the PDFs. Last year, I kept the tickets together and had the gate staff scan the appropriate tickets for each game, but the PDFs will be much easier.

when you print up you tickets from your account manager, can you just do the ticket itself and not the whole page? they only scan the bar code anyway, right?

Nope. You have to take the full page with you

thanks banshee. :smiley: