tc day 4 - wednesday

my fingers are still recovering from the weather out there today geez... cold and rainy.... players didnt wear shoulder pads today, and for a lot of the time didnt seem to be going full speed....

qbs: early on jyles passes were awful, but when he got into the scrimmages, he actually started to shine for the first time this camp... hes very quick and delivered some nice balls on the run... pierce was not bad, not great..... dimichele had an ok day, but he threw a pick 6 for the third day in a row, even if its your only bad pass the coaches remember those.... brink made some nice tosses, but looked confused in the pocket sometimes

noteworthy pierce and especially jyles were almost always working with the top offensive unit, and were always in the roation first and for the longest during the scrimmage drills and the skellys... ad and brink would get a few snaps here and there...

rbs: hard to evaluate them early on... all three import running backs are showing well, sunday will be the time to shine... new fb sandehigan has some wheels on him, dropped a few catchable balls though...

*** bernard was shooken up for a second on a hit by t.carter, only a few plays after bowman was laid out on a deep route, in response adarius threw carter to the ground, which caused the o and d to come to a big standoff... lots of words, no punches, and it lead to a great moment, lapolice settled them and while they were still in a big scrum, he gave a very motivating speech about how we are a team, and how we will use this fire and this energy, and within a minute or so he had them with their hands in the air chanting, and all was well... he has a good control of this team...

oline: butler stood out, as always, he opens up some mammoth holes, that freddy will be able to take advantage of, coaches also praised his blocking and ability to turn players on more complicated blocking schemes, such as the screens and end arounds. khan got knicked and was limping, but toughed it out the rest of the way...

wrs: david ball is impressive, he runs clean crisp routes and catches everything, hes not super fast, but he could be a valuable player if there is a spot for him.......... other than one drop i thought chris davis had a reallyy good outing today, you can tell hes played the cfl game before, and his speed is impressive, he has also seen some looks as a kr... the rest of the recievers didnt stand out a whole lot today, good or bad... did franklin get cut? he wasnt on the field at all today.. shelton is still too hurt to run plays, but the fact that he hasnt been released makes me believe they must be really high on his return abilities, hopefully hes good to go for sunday, cant wait to see his speed on the field..

dline: hunt had a great day, he was the only one thta was really able to do anything against butler, which says a lot... at this point i think the new guys are competiting for backup roles, as the starting four have been consistent and good... willis looked good, showed a lot of speed, but also got hurt towards the end and was hobbling a bit.

lbs: hard to evaluate the lbs without contact, although some guys were laying down some punishement today... thaine carter gets better and better, he saw a lot of reps today, and worked with the number one unit, he flys around and made some good reads, if he can keep improving he just might work his way onto the starting roster, a NI in the starting lbs would be a huge asset, and with labbe to back him up it could be a good tandem as well, just sayin..... rian wallace continues to line up as a DE, hasnt really stood out tho, nkang only ever seems to watch from the sidelines, not sure whats happening there..... samario houston really impresses me, hes all over the place, and was singled out for good reads several times today by coach reed. .... at the other end of the scale m.bowman was called out for mistakes at least 3-4 times, but he was still getting a lot of action in the scrimmages.

dbs: depsite the losses of hefney and walls i think our secondary will be just fine... i know there is lots of camp left + the preseason for these guys to be looked over but a few guys are really making names for themselves in camp, much life hefney did last year.... jason tate had another two picks today (leading overall by far) one off jyles, and one pick 6 off of those stupid out passes they keep having dimichele throw, his coverage is always tight and he has a knack for knowing when to attack the ball, looks to be in contention for one HB spot.... brandon stewart continues to impress, had a few athletic knockdowns, hes been the best one on one cover guy since main camp started and today was no different, he gets nothing but praise from the defensive coaches... suber showed up well today as well, not as noticable as tate and stewart, but still very good.... jovon got to take the day off and help with drills, hel stay on his corner, glover looks really comfortable back there too... ralph jules and brown jr are not on the same level as the other guys right now, i really cant see them making the team unless the coaches want them for special teams.

as of right now id put the front runners as: johnson, stewart, tate, glover . . . with kent, suber, and glover nipping at their heals, the secondary is going to be a tight battle right to the end, and from what ive seen i dont think il be disapointed regardless of who gets the final spots..

kick returners: foster dropped a few balls back there today, i really hope shelton gets healthy and we can evaluate this position further, im pretty sure lapolice wont use jovon back there this year unless noone else is even remotely good at it... between foster, strickland, davis, shelton, and jeffers-harris im sure one of these guys will grab the job... i cant really see it being foster tho... as out kick returner will likely also double as our 4th import reciever, and fosters hands arent very good.. maybe with david balls solid hands he might take the 3rd import reciever spot, and wel have a more athletic guy as oiur 4th reciever/returner, that can be added to bigger formations or swapped with ball when we want more speed on the field...

Two words. . . Ben and Cahoon.

Not saying that Ball will be as good as Cahoon, but if he's got good hands and runs good routes, you may have something there. Cahoon has always amazed me with his ability to consistently get open even though he is not the speediest of receivers. If Ball can approach something like that, then you'd have to make a spot for him.

Towelie, are they using him as a wide receiver or in the slot?

mostly slot... and spread out wide at times... which is tough, edwards is one slotback and bowman has moved inside at the other...

if hes versatile they might make room for him.. il leave the guys who know the ratio better to maybe help me figure out some sort of situation... we will likely have what, 3 for sure, maybe 4 starting import recievers? so prob 4 max on the active roster? is there any way we could have five? from my knowledge thats very unlikely but id sure love to see it lol

but just for fun, a rough prediction of the starters from what ive seen...and what id like to see

active roster (not including reserves and pr)


  1. adarius bowman
  2. terrence edwards
  3. ball or jeffers-harris
  4. strickland or davis or shelton (would be doubling as the returner aswell)
  5. is it possible? (if no forget about it, if yes then add the best of the left out)


  1. corey watson
  2. hargreaves
  3. arthur/ralph
  4. arthur/ralph

Towelie, can you clarify something... you have Glover listed twice and don't mention Craver so I assume you meant Craver in one of the mentions. Whose the front runner and whose nipping of Glover and Craver?

Thanks again for the great report. :rockin:

glover as the front runner sorry lol....

craver who started camp competing at hb, has been moved back outside to push glover, as i think the new recruits have just been so impressive they want to see them get a chance... stewart tate suber and kent are all hbs....

so ball is looking good heh, on the ball.. thats the thing, you never know.. this guy may be a "rookie" but he's been around with a couple different teams, he knows the cfl and honestly if he catches mostly everything, regardless of lack of speed, we should keep him. lets see how he does in pre-season games first tho but sounds like he's got skills.

and i agree, tate,suber.. these guys are for reals.

throw in brandon stewart and someones getting sent packing.

havent heard much of hicks? whats he been doing?

and will franklin got cut today.. both former nfl receivers get cut due to injury.

hicks has been moved to olb, and has looked good, was complimented a few times today by the coaches, that one lb spot is wide open, anything could happen..

Good to see the coaches will have some very tough choices to make.

I'm especially loving the competition at receiver.

....I had a gut feeling there was gonna be a dog-fight at the receiver position....We have some 'big-guys' with good hands vying for the starters Edwards has come into camp thinking ,there's a lot of talent, wanting to take his job and is playing great...We have to find a spot for Butler on the o line...this guy is the real deal...Tate and Suber are making names for themselves.... The play-book has been overhauled....and defensively it's already leagues ahead of the 'simpleton' schemes that were in place last year...The guys who grasp it first, will probably be the winners for key spots...It's going to be a tough-call come cut-down day ....I believe we're going to be surprised and surprise a lot of people when the real action starts..... :thup: :wink: