tc day 3

weather scared me away today.... anyone go that post some info? one of my friends went and sent me a few texts periodically.... those texts were, and i quote

[i]dude are you up yet? are you coming?

theres not too many people here today.

renauld looks good kicking in the wind

butler just manhandled dorian smith

brandon stewart got an int touchdown

you better be here tomorrow, friend.[/i]

if anyone can add to any of his texts lol or has any other info it would be greatly appreciated! thnx

LOL...that's pretty funny...


I really hope they find a starting spot on that Oline for Kelly Butler...


June 08, 2010

Despite the wet weather outside, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers continued their Training Camp today for day three as preparations begin for the team’s first preseason game on Sunday. Coach Paul LaPolice decided to let the players practice without shoulder pads – but that didn’t mean anyone was practicing with less effort.

The defence stood out today as the players begin to get more comfortable with the system. Defensive back Brandon Stewart continues his stellar play and picked off a pass during the team drills. Stewart has been a constant force for the Blue Bombers since camp opened on Sunday and the second year player hopes to crack the lineup as a starting half back when the regular season begins.

Keyuo Craver spent all of last year at the corner position on the defence but the coaching staff has opted to try him on the inside. However, today Craver was put back on the corner and was singled out on a few occasions by defensive coordinator Kavis Reed for his great play.

On the offensive side of the ball, runningback Emmanuel Marc continues to impress the coaches and on one play, he found a hole in the defense and was able to spring past the linebackers for a nice gain. Marc knows he’s competing against Fred Reid and Yvenson Bernard for a spot on the team but if he keeps working as hard as he did today, a tough decision might be looming for the coaching staff.

Guest coach Jermese Jones took a few of the offensive linemen for some extra reps after practice. Jones played with the Bombers from 2003-2006 and was seen helping Chris Greaves get better acquainted with the O-line. Greaves played on the defensive line in college but the coaches like what they see from him on the offensive side and he is benefiting from getting to learn from a CFL veteran like Jones.

The Bombers will hold day four of their Training Camp tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. as they continue to prepare for Sunday’s matchup against the Montreal Alouettes.

Stars of the Day
DB Brandon Stewart
DL Remond Willis
DE Phillip Hunt
DB Keyuo Craver
OL Kelly Butler

Quote of the Day
Despite competing against other linebackers for a spot on the roster, linebacker Chad Nkang does his part to help out the younger players. Nkang offered advice from the sidelines during team drills: “Don’t even think about it, just react!?

thanks! i think kelly butler has been listed as a star of the day, on every fan, every reporter, and every websites reviews of bomber camp since day 1 of rookie camp... not too often guys that stand out that much come along, lets hope he can carry this into the season.

BomberPride posted this at the Extra Point:

From the second practice

-Jyles and Pierce looked fairly solid with the exception of one or two throws

  • Arthur probably had his best practice today. Strickland had some good catches and capitalized on his speed. I would not be surprised if he did some special teams work with returns. All in all, good practice by all the receivers.

  • Defense coaches ripped the LB's a new one for missed coverages and opportunites. #21 Stewart intercepted a pass from DiMichele and took it in for the TD. #5 Craver had some good coverage and knocked down a few passes.

  • Reid had good speed and #34 Marc had some reps.Bernard looked solid

  • Butler continued to dominate. January is still showing a lot of power. I THINK it was #67 Kowalczuk that got tossed to the ground by Dorian Smith, who later got manhandled by Butler.

  • Renaud was punting 50+ yards and had a few 60's. Bob Cameron will probably continue to mentor him for the rest of the week.

Tear jerking moment:

There was a young mentally disabled man brought to the sidelines in a wheel chair. He was waving happily to the players and Chris Cvetovic came up to him like he was an old friend. After the workout, the entire team walked up to him. LaPo ran up to him with a big smile and hugged him with a "Hey Buddy! You gonna break down practice for us?" Imagine the entire bomber team all huddled around him. At this point my mom started to tear up lol and I felt a little choked up too as they all did a 3-2-1 GREY CUP! cheer. Shawn Gallant then wheeled him off the field followed by the rest of the team to their media interviews and dressing room respectively.

Truley insperational.

just gonna go ahead and say this.. after seeing reesing was cut by the riders and checking out the rider site.. all the fans thought he was the second coming.. i guess with him being cut.. shows u that fans only see what they want too.

its all well and good to have reports from fans from training camp and stuff, thats great but it has only been what? 2 3 days now of main camp?

im not dissin peeps who went and checked out practise and all that... but... at the same time, i think id take what a fan says with a grain of salt.. we arent experts, most of us dont pretend to be, some do, for sure, more so on the other sites where people are already predicting the open day db's and qb's and receivers and all this junk.. people saying no way we use 2 american olineman.. etc etc

imo, heres the only link that matters..

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Those are the worst reports from camp. Their "stars of the day" are guys who make one great play. It doesn't matter what they did the rest of the practice. Case in point...Scott McHenry. They called him a star of the day when he clearly was not the best receiver on the field. He made 1 highlight reel catch and that's what's noted.

Most, not all, but most of the guys who post reports are all in agreement on what they're seeing. It's not like we've got 1 guy saying Pierce is great and the next guy is saying he should be cut.

I'll accept a report from a poster like Towelie or JBR any day before what the Bombers release.

i know its not a personal shot at us killer, but still...we just call it as we see.... we only see the on field product... oviously the coaches have a lot more than us to evaluate players on... but on this site most people are just curious to hear what is happening on the field... and i think we give a good impression of that... because the media will always say our big name players have a good day, to keep the fans happy and optimistic.... we give a broader evaluation of everyone..... and even tho we may pencil guys in, thats just our opinions, which are fun to read, it will have no bearing on the final roster... were not trying to sound like experts... just saying what weve been lucky enough to witness... and sometimes giving predicitons based on what we seen... choose to take seriously whichever reviews you please.... il keep posting what i see on the field

Same goes for me. Towelie's been pretty objective, and I enjoy his point of view. Yes it's only 3 or 4 days into Training Camp, but this is when I'm excited the most, and the more opinions, etc, I can read, the happier I am. I don't need somebody to tell me to take what a fan says with a grain of salt, 'cause I'm a fan too, and I'm bright enough to form my own opinion. I'd much rather read from another fan's point of view than the blue tinted slant of what the Bomber's release. Or anything that come's from the Sun, either. Nope...I'm good with Towelie, Bob Irving and Ed Tait as my reporters.... LOL.... Keep up the great work Towelie! :thup:

....everyone watching has their own take.....Ten fans watching one particular player could come-up with ten very different conclusions, on one guys play..........HOWEVER, you can't miss the outstanding grabs by receivers or a guy like Butler 'ragdolling' the hopeful D players...Those type of plays/players get alot of ink.... Myself, I like the broader type of review and look at the teams performance in general...Towelie has also given that :thup: There is a very short assessment period going into a season...We know what our vets can do ...or should be doing...It;s the newcomers that impress with their overall drive and athleticism that will contribute to a successful season that we like to hear about...AND i think we've got back some great info. from guys like Towelie....Keep it up's very much appreciated.. :thup:

appreciate the props guys.. il have todays review up soon