tc day 2

qb s were fairly consistent today... dimichele was really on minus the one pick that jovon took to the house. jyles was streaky, made some awesome throws, but then would throw the ugly ducks, he confuses me...

the rbs were all in good form, reid is at his top speed already, bernard did well in traffic, and marc proved why the coaches are high on him with some good cuts and an excellent burst.

adarius bowman had a good showing, connecting with the qbs on a few long bombs, he seems to effortless get behind coverage. very deceptive speed like stegall had. and no issues with his hands today, .... for the first time this camp mchenry really impressed me, made some tough grabs in coverage, still looks like hes not quite at the overall talent level of the other recievers.. jeffers harris was consistent, very fast, strickland and watson were ok, both had a few drops... arthurs size is really the only thing thats impressing me about him so far, he hasnt been bad, but definately not living up to the hype... one guy i really liked was chris davis, has quick feet and a fast burst off the line, his hands were steady all day today, and he was also returning some kicks at the end, i think him and strickland will be battling for a spot on this team, with jeffers harris having a lead on both.... edwards was solid too, making easily the most impressive catch of the day despite being perfectly covered by stewart, stewart was kind of upset but kavis reed even said there was nothing else you could do, that was perfect coverage..

ps whats the name of the rifles kid? he fits right in out there....

kelly butler is a beast, ive been saying it a lot and will keep saying it... people cant by him, he takes up what looks like 5 square yards of field lol, is strong as an ox, and can move well to boot... theres no way he isnt starting imo... fritz and douglas also seemed to really stand out for me too. maybe 2 imps on the line this year? wel see :o

i think the defensive line will go back to last years lineup, smith seems to be in good shape and strong as ever, hunt and willis are fast off the ends and were disrupting some plays out there today... scott will push dorian for the inside spot but i dont think he will get it from him just yet.

our lb core is changing day to day but is still competitive, lately rian wallace has been lining up at DE, and bernard hicks has moved to lb, and did a pretty decent job covering the field.. nkang is very technically solid, but seems to be a bit behind in terms of athletic ability, maybe rust or out of shape? where as somario houston is the opposite, he flies around and makes plays, but also has been out of position more than his share so far...

im really excited about our secondary...... jovon is a lock, looks as good as ever in coverage..... veteran lavar glover had a standout day at the opposite corner, with jerry ralph and donald brown being the only real competition for the corners at the moment im going to go on a limb and say you can pencil in johnson and glover on the outside... however the inside defensive halfback position is where arguably the most exciting battle is taking place, brandon stewart has had two veryyy good days now, hes big, hes confident, and he drapes all over his men, he has the speed to run with anyone, its looking more and more like this will be his breakout year, and definately is a front runner for the one hb spot...... across from stewart there is craver, craver hasnt been victimized but hasnt stood out either, where as newcomers tate, and suber have really turned some heads... cravers going to need to step it up to earn that spot, or maybe to even stay on this team, the newbies play with a lot of fire, and tate has been about as good as stewart in coverage, and those two were both reallly reallly good.

throw a healthy logan back in the mix (who was dressed and out there today, but not practising) and i think our secondary can be back to last years forum, and will probably be deeper when you throw in guys like suber, kent, tate etc....

ps can we sign bob camerons son? i know hes at und but man.... he was nailing punts higher and further than renaud, and in perfect spirals, if he doesnt get an nfl look i really hope the bombers have the inside track in a few years!!!!

How Big was this butler guy again?

was recently signed WR David Ball on the field practicing today? Since you didn't mention it I'm guessing either he wasn't or he didn't stand out at all.

...NICE WORK AGAIN TOWELIE......regarding new acquisiton Ball....He cannot officially participate at camp until the league registers his signing....He should be on the turf tomorrow i would think.. :roll:

Butler is 6'8", 330 lbs.

I saw a report by a poster at the Extra Point that said Ball ws out there today. They said he looked good. He is listed on the Bombers roster.

Thanks for the report, Towelie, and thanks for posting it at EP as well.

Ball was with the ti-cats last year, he has crazy good hands, you won’t see him drop the football.

showing up this late, ball is gonna have to well be on the ball.. BIGTIME to make an impression..

just with the kids in jeffers-harris and strickland aswell as chris davis, ball doesnt really have much of a chance i dont think atleast. he's just here cuz dj hall got hurt.

ball was on the field today, and yes you can already see the hands, but he doesnt seem to have the speed or yard after catch ability that jeffers harris and strickland have… he will really have to do work hard to get consideration i would think…

moiba.. thats the rifles kids name..

yehmbi moiba or something like that. similar.

....guess they got his contract done in a hurry.... :oops: sorry guys i thought he was still in limbo....Anyway...he'll push the other receivers if nothing else...I agree, he'll have to blow everyone else away to make the squad.. :wink:

a big hurry, and i guess it kinda puts to rest the dj hall issue, another receiver in, and using halls number... kind of a shame, looked to be special, but if u cant show it for more than two days you cant really make the team... if he recovers quickly or anyone else goes down early this season i can still see him getting a quick call to return..

i cant figure out david ball.. has all the ncaa records, cats fans are saying he catches everything, and it appears he does, but for some reason they cut him, and he still just kind of blended in here....

Thats why he spent all season on our practice roster, he lacks some athletic ability.

He probably won't make the final roster but will provide some competition at least.

Thanks Towelie. I've really appreciated your reports.I can't believe 3000 showed up for Sunday's camp.I would love to be there . Keep up the good work.

np. i should be good to go all week, (i work evenings) so il do my best to share as much as possible, i know a lot of ppl thatd love to go but cant. so far im iimpressed with this camp, as i was last year... and last year we uncovered some real gem players... definately the highlight of the brief kelly/murphy era, was the scouting... im seeing a lot of similar potential in players this year... hopefully with the right coaching, less circus atmosphere, and some more consistent qb play this team can pile up some wins and make a run in the playoffs. i see only brighter days in our future

Sounds good to me! Thanks again Towelie... :thup:

I think we should give Ball a long look. sure he's not athletic... I think he runs a 4.6 40, but he has decent size and football Savvy. We have a lot of playmakers already, what we need is a reliable pass cather who can get us a reliable first down when needed. I think Ball could fit that bill.