TC 2013 Cuts

I think he has an outside chance at ending up in Toronto. They’ve lost a lot of their veterans and just released one more in Pacino Horne. Looks like Matt Black is their most experienced starter left in the secondary for the champs.

Speaking of Toronto, was somewhat surprised to see they released Quincy Hurst in the first round of cuts. The argo training camp reports I had read seemed to indicate he was holding his own. Anyone know if this was an injury related move? I wonder if it might not be a bad idea to bring the former Bison home if healthy and take a look at him. It seems a given that Watson, Poblah, Etienne, and Kolhert make the active roster. I guess Fitzgerald is kind of a hybrid guy what will be looked to block and make the occasional catches. Watson’s already been hurt in camp, Poblah came out of the Argos tilt with an injury. An extra guy could come in handy.

You guys seem to like to pick up our cuts. Stanford Samuel, that little receiver/returner (can't remember his name), Moton Hopkins, and I'm sure there are a few more. Montreal had a suspect secondary, and they seem to like to give the problem child a second chance. I would not be surprised in the least.

With the injury problems that Watson/Poblah seem to have everyyear, we do need depth there. Like everyone else I too think that Jade has a great shot to make a statement this year.

Interest in Hef from Huf in Cowtown.

A couple guys in four years ! In an 8 team league LOL ! OK :lol: Dinwiddie ring a bell ? Ryan Lucas ?

Moton was a great pickup BTW.

Oh lord, we’re going to be petty about picking up other team’s cuts? Seriously? :lol: :lol:

Didn’t you guys pick up Keith Stokes from us? Terence Edwards? We could play this game all day but it’s pointless. It’s an eight-team league and there is always going to be lots of traffic between teams. Doesn’t mean anything.

Furthermore, most Als fans on this forum are not going to become mindless cheerleaders for a player just because Jim Popp signed him, whether or not that player is a Bomber castoff. Personally, I try to keep an open mind, according to the player himself and our need at a specific position. And on that front, I can’t see us picking up Hefney, not because he’s not talented, but because we have plenty of veteran DBs on our roster and it’s probably more important for us to go younger / cheaper, since our secondary is aging.

Ice cold.

Hefney should have made the move to SAM. Makes sense. We have no room for him. Chip Cox is a better player. Faster, more physical, class act.

Then again, he may be your new SAM and Chip will be remembered for being flagged for the most PI calls in a season.

Yeah, I don't get why he resisted the move to SAM. He could have really extended his career there, which is what happened to Cox, who was a mediocre cover DHB but a brilliant SAM backer.

Really, the position is a meat grinder unless you put on pounds and throw your weight around.....Hef is nothing without his speed, he can't handle the extra pounds, he proved when he got back from the NFL.

...Look discipline and hfxtc....when your new management in Mont. get it straight...(see releasing players (carter) by mistake and recalling them ) :oops: then we can talk seriously ... Meanwhile we'll keep our policy of not bringing in anyone elses cuts to fill spots...well up until today anyway :lol: ..The only fa I think we brought in was released today (Dewit)...Mack is an anti-castoff type. :wink:.....ooops I forgot fa Cauchy Muamba but then he wasn't exactly a cast-off...more like a friend of the family so to speak.. :wink:

Not sure why you guys would get so defensive about me pointing out the fact that Montreal has signed our castoffs in the past. Don't need to have your noses in the air, even "mighty Montreal" could use our scraps here & there!

Cox a class act? LOL. team player, sure, but also a well known dirty player.

Not getting defensive. Just not correct that the Als target Bomber cuts. There are more players and coach working in this league that Montreal brought in the league than any other team. The list is so long. I can't even list them all.

Exactly. Most Bomber fans understand that but a few like LetsGoBlue have a chip on their shoulder, and have set up this strawman ("nose in the air" Montreal fans) which they feel obliged to knock down, when really nobody is interested in that kind of petty team-boosting.

Cox isn't a dirty player. He plays very fast and very tough, like most top linebackers. The LB position is always going to be one that gets you the "dirty" label because your job is to punish opponents physically in the trenches and your hits are always point of contact on a play and thus visible to all. Someone like Steve van Zeyl in Toronto is a far dirtier player because he takes advantage of the camera not being on him to deliver incredibly dangerous and cheap hits to defensive linemen. His unpenalized spear on J.P. Bekasiak eventually led to Bekasiak's retirement. :thdn:

Please, you are the most hypocritical poster on these boards. I merely pointed out that Montreal has looked at our cuts in the very recent past, and IMO they would have their eyes on Hefney - hell every team would.
And Chip Cox is Dirty, with a capital D.

Well, if you say so, it must be true. :lol: :lol: :lol: That's a great way to respond when you have no constructive rebuttal. Good job, Mr. Ad Hominem Attack Man.

I merely pointed out that Montreal has looked at our cuts in the very recent past, and IMO they would have their eyes on Hefney - hell every team would.
No, you made explicit comments about "mighty Als" and us being "defensive" and having our noses in the air. Don't fudge, don't try to take it back. You said what you said; don't get butthurt because you were called on it.

Also, where did your current head coach come from again? Hmm? :lol:

And Chip Cox is Dirty, with a capital D.
Ooh, you capitalized the 'd' in 'dirty'! Argumentative checkmate, apparently. :lol:

You're one of those people who think other teams' best players are all dirty, but yours are pure as the driven snow. But secretly you wish you had a SAM linebacker like Cox on your team. :wink: And I'm sure Burke does too...

Oh look, it's D&P with his predictable merry-go-round response. You are the king of your so called "Ad Hominem attacks", and the hypocritical slur is proven by the fact that each time you mention a ad hominem attack, you do the same. :lol:
I wonder though, if we were to have this conversation on the Al's board how long it would go......

;;;Let’s just say Cox plays with a ‘chip’ on his shoulder…and the other part of the time a little overly-aggressive…If you’re taking unnecessary penalties because of it…don’t know if Burke would like that too much. …besides we have a pretty good NI linebacker by the name of Henoc Muamba who Burke likes very much…even more than Cox :wink:

Popp does seem to acquire a fair number of vets from other teams. Just off the top of my head - messam, porter, bruce, parker, tisdale. Would not surprise me if he kicked the tires on adding Hefney. That might push a guy like Hebert off the roster. I think they moved him closer to the line of scrimmage and off of safety this year. If Hawkins turns out to be a success after how hiring Trestman worked out for them, it would really look good on his resume and any NFL interest in him would just continue to grow.

The notion of Montreal as being the top team in “bringing” all this talent to the CFL as stated by some is bogus or at least not a given
Montreal did not bring in Burke. Did not bring in Milanovich- both for instance were with Calgary. Milanovich was brought in by Dunigan as QB. Dunigan also had him as QB coach.
Just because both made stops in Montreal does not mean they were birthed there for the CFL.
Richardson played 3 years in Sask
All teams recycle. lets not get carried away with unproven claims.

Did you know that Milanovich was suspended in college for betting on games?

Back to cuts news - Andre Carroll and Mark DeWitt released.

Ed Tait ?@WFPEdTait 5h

#Bombers cut DL Andre Carroll and Canadian OL Mark Dewitt #bn