TC 2013 Cuts

Non-import Punter Brett Cameron
Import Linebacker Chad Faulcon
Import Defensive Lineman Marcus Hyde
Non-Import Punter Tim Hutchison
Import Defensive Back Sam Pope
Non-Import Defensive Back Jawann Westerman

Cameron released already. Hutchison no surprise. Further indication Renaud will keep his job. Pavlopuolous still around tough.

Westerman was the other surprise. Was not really enamoured with Dan West's showing backing up Logan last year, was hopeful Westerman was going to leapfrog him this year. West though probably isn't safe as I've heard that Teague Sherman has played well in camp and could end up the primary backup.

...No real surprises except for Brett Cameron...the paring down has commenced.

I was surprised at that too. He can kickoff and kick fieldgoals also. Thought he'd for sure stick around on the PR as insurance.

I think he was out punted in camp and Renaud had a few big punts in the EX game. Cameron did not have any big punts in the game . Yes, he kicked a FG , but Palardy is money and isn't going any where. He is just not ready, hopefully Renaud remains consistent this year. The last two seasons were below average. Maybe his leg was not fully healed ?

I agree. Just thought maybe he'd be the guy they kept around on the Practice Roster.

Hefney's been cut:

Well.... this is a headscratcher to me. Saw at least one bomber player offering up a tweet seeming not happy/confused with the news as well. Frankly after they verbally supported him after the news of the pot arrest and said his play would dictate if he sticks and he had a good showing in that awful preseason game, I figured he was safe at least for a little bit. Evidently not. Guess it opens up a spot for regular duty for a guy like Demond Washington or another rookie. Maybe Sears moved back to the secondary? I think McGee's been playing SAM during camp, maybe they really like him there. At least they did the big vet release before the 2nd preseason game and not last minute-ish like Kent so they can get things worked out in practices yet.

I'm not that surprised he was released. Bob Irving had tweeted a few days ago that the Bombers weren't happy with Hef's play. It would seem they saw things differently about Hef's play against the Argos after watching the game film.

....When a player writes....'I don't care' ...pretty well spelled out Hefneys attitude and demise... (see not being forthright about charge in the states.) Well it seems the Bombers don't care either ..for his services. He is still a talented player and should land somewhere. His attitude has to change however or he's done. When his nfl dream was over and he returned it wasn't the same Hefney. Too bad that happens more times than not with some players. His play last year was not stellar. Along with Logans play we really struggled on D. Sorry to see him go but he's someone elses problem now......As for a replacement ...Markett, Washington, Pendelton are looking good..Not a super hard position to recruit for....I think Burke has laid it on the line....You are either here to play football my way and give a 100 percent or you're gone...Burke has caught a few players attention early and has gained my respect :thup:

Too bad for Hef, lifestyle trumping performance.

I agree. There is more to being a professional than 3 hours on gameday.

Very prescient papa. So many players were great here, went to the NFL, returned, and were but a shadow of their previous selves. Kenton Keith, Casey Printers, Andy Fantuz to a lesser extent, and now Hefney. I wonder how Chick will perform in Regina this season?

....So many players MadJack, get the BIG BUCKS syndrome and when it doesn't pan out they go downhill...Not a good fathers day for Hefney BUT this is one guy who brought it all on himself...Good luck to him in his future endeavours.

Lifestyle and/or attitude. Then they released Kent the plan was to move Hef into the SAM spot and he publicly balked at the move and it wasn't in his best interests, not the response that should've come from someone that was being looked at to pick up some of the leadership on the team. Add to that all the other issues combined with the emergence of some other players, the team has decided now was the time to do what they feel is in their best interests.

I think it was attitude and performance. Apparently they talked to Hef again about playing nickelback this season and he said he wanted to play HB.

I don't understand his reasoning. He's been measured at his pro day at 5.8". Trend at the receiver position is that they are getting taller (pretty much NFL size now). So moving him closer to the line of scrimmage like we did with Chip Cox would extend his career.

He has always put himself first, not a team player. Like I said a few times on here - it was easier to put up with him when he was an all star, he wasn't that last year. Cutting him gives Burke more of a stamp on this team for what he wants. And I like :rockin:

If Hefney is found guilty of a criminal offense, which is likely, the Bombers would have some work to do just to bring him back to Canada to play. Not worth the hassle for a player on the downside; glad they got rid of him. That being said, looks like a long year for Bomber fans with question marks at so many positions.

I don't think you'll criticize him much after Montreal signs him :stuck_out_tongue:

You never know but I can't see it. the news lately......