Taylor Stubblefield

With all the talk about Lumsden, Hill and Woodard's forays into NFL this year, the other Cat who left has been largely overlooked (tip of the hat to DoubleBlue for remembering him in a thread last week).

At present, he's with the St Louis Rams competing with three other receivers to be a third string receiver. That's saying something, given the Rams' depth at that position.

He posted great stats in college, but if I remember correctly he didn't get much playing time after joining the Cats late in August. I missed the last home game against Montreal when he probably got his chance. Does anyone remember him? If Hill decides not to return, and the Rams drop Stubblefield, is he worth another look? I notice in "Smitty's Blog" that Smith has written two pages on St Louis but never once mentions the guy. Is that a sign that the Cats have lost interest?

He's not competing to be third string. He's competing for 5th/6th. Being a Rams fan I was interested in Taylors choice of team. He won't make the Rams. Holt, Bruce, Curtis, McDonald, and Looker are the receivers. They're always set coming into the season. I expect Hagans to make the team as a 6th string WR and KR/PR.

  1. Holt
  2. Bruce
  3. Curtis
  4. McDonald
  5. Looker
  6. Hagans

Stubblefield will be back.

Sixth-string??? :smiley: (teams generally play two wideouts, so 3rd is accurate).

But it does look like Taylor will not make it. He didn’t get much of a look at all up here, at least not during a game.

6th string, such as a Willie Quinnie to us. The Rams play a lot of 3 or 4 wide receiver sets, and some 5. He'd be competing for the last roster spot for a receiver (the 6th). So, he is "sixth string".

I think that says a lot about the competency of our coaching staff last year. How does the NCAA career leader in receptions not get into regular game action and then still get picked up by an NFL team to try out again?

You must be using the new math. :slight_smile:
Because positionally, any guy who starts is first string, the replacements are second, and the guys behind them third.

Willie is a second string receiver for us, just like Ralph and Fleming (according to this week's depth chart).

Yes, for us this is true. However if Curtis goes down, McDonald (other side wideout) goes in. Not the receiver behind Curtis. Which is how I do positions.