Taylor Stubblefield released

Taylor Stubblefield was released by the Rams

8) I know Stubblefield was here last year, but if I remember correctly he was released from our roster at the end of the season !!!

is your point that you want him back on the ticats? like we need any more recievers...and if you posted about him just because he played here before then it sucks that he got cut and i hope he catches on with another team because I just dont see him joining the cats again

Yeah cos we shouldn’t try to bring back the leader in career receptions in NCAA history.

its funny how he barely got any playing time with us but he got asked to go to an nfl camp

I said that the day he signed for a try out.

meh, couldn't hurt.

why bother. we can't get the ball to the more-talented guys who are already here ...

I am starting to believe that we should not sign anyone at this point who will not agree to a three year contract.

What is the point of bringing in a guy for half a season if he is not committed to the team for next year.

i agree but we should try and sign him to a long term contract

I believe that we should sign a guy like him because it’s obvious that the receivers we have are not go to guys and it looks like we need an uprade.

Hill and Stubblefield coul be the kind of guys this team needs.

Vaughn wont be here forever, and it could be even sooner if he doesnt want to be here.

I've forgotten. What kind or receiver is he? Strengths?

He’s a possesion reciver. Runs good routes and has great hands.

... and all this time I thought Taylor Stubblefield was a reference to the playing surface in Regina, :lol:

He's a possesion reciver. Runs good routes and has great hands.
Thanks for filling me in.

The Bassman 8)