Taylor Shire: Roughriders think Mitch Picton is too valuable to start regularly

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What a joke, He should be a starter!!


The notion that a player is “almost too valuable” to be a starter falls into the category of the top ten ridiculous player assessments, all-time!!! That is akin to having a Bobby Orr, a Crosby, a McDavid, etc. on your bench, but giving him limited ice-time because you can’t decide whether to play him on D, or as a forward. Really?


I guess the team doesn’t understand the concept of “use it or lose it”.

Get the man on the field and give him the ball


But coach says that about everyone, I mean what’s he supposed to say, he’s no good, so we don’t play him much,

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Usually the coach doesn’t need to say that. The depth chart should speak for itself.

Indirectly they try to push the American players in the cfl to. Soon it will be like the nfl, Canadian players will find it harder and harder to get playing jobs in canada if the union doesn’t step up soon and increase the Canadian ratio,

I have to disagree with that statement. Teams are having trouble finding quality Canadian offensive linemen as it is. Hence all the injured QBs.


Then they need to use Canadians in other positions and bring in o-linemen. I’m sure there are lots down south capable, the money can be a problem though.

Picton should start this weekend

Keeping Picton out is showing exactly what we have in Team Management and strategy in conducting a healthy organization

Loss of player’s confidence
Loss of fans - empty seats
Loss of concessions cash flow

Board of Directors couldn’t even show enough balls to fire Reynolds , Oday , Dickenson last winter , they should have paid out the contracts
The financial losses this year from the team’s performance compared to what the payouts would’ve been , doesn’t compare

Wow , what a group

Don’t keep crapping on the fans - CFL is a fan driven league

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Riders are in better shape financially than most teams. They will likely make money again this year. This year will play out without any firings. The off season is where the changes will come. Maybe.

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You don’t concession aren’t complaining for loss of sales

C’mom man , dollar is needed for the prices Rider management wants and expects for continued services

I am sure the seat sales are down, 3 bad years of play, added the passport bull crap over covid, I know that crap had many season holders turn there tickets in and never returned, and yes I know a few who did that. Hard to come to games to watch the 0-line fail and we get to see our QB’s hurt…lets face it, this team has been a cluster F**k for some time, and I do not blame alot of the players. But yes why is Mitch not a starter all the time.

I still can’t believe ‘How is Reynolds , Oday , Dickenson’ still connected with the team after yesterdays game

They all dislike Dolega , can’t admit their mistake of making him 3rd string and losing major dollars because of their decisions and loss of games

FBoard of Directors - fire the 3 Stooges

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So weak. What a ridiculous post.

Time to cool the jets. He did next to zip for an entire second half. Crapped the bed the week before. And if you have been to any training camp or practices you’d know he can look pretty solid one day. And the next day struggle to hit a receiver. Chill the hope. He earned third string of his own doing.

Happy for the wind. But…

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Well if he gets really good he’s going to do what a lot of other players do and that’s go to practice squads in the NFL. At least you’ll get good money there. The reality is we have to play him or he’s going to go

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This fella blew the wheels off of Fine , very lousy management of this team