Taylor Reed

One thing that I've noticed with Austin is that he rewards loyalty with loyalty. IIRC, both Grant and Reed signed one-year deals with Hamilton last year, and now they are playing with other teams (on one-year contracts to boot). I wonder if the tables would be changed if they had signed even a TWO-year contract? Would Austin be more willing to offer extensions during the second year? Who knows?

Exactly what I meant, Taylor Reed was a Bomber TC cut when he came here and I believe thats when people were po'd that we let Jamall Johnson walk and had nobody to play the middle. I wouldnt say Reed was our best LB, if you dont watch many games and base your facts in stats only then yeah Reed was probably our best LB. But if you watch him at MLB, sure he makes plays but hes not exactly the force that we could have in the middle. Was he the guy to make the RB regret running up the middle? Not exactly. He was a fairly sure tackler and got in the backfield after the QB on LB blitzes no problem. Look all i'm saying is that the world hasn't ended because Reed's a stampeder. People thought we didnt have an option before Reed and were pleasently surprised when Reed stepped up. I'd like to see us bring in Juwan Simpson as ive said before, but maybe we'll recruit some new guy from the US.

Didn't Hufnagel just decide that Reed was an upgrade over Simpson?

That depends on his opinion and his style of football. Some people prefer speed rushers others prefer strength. some people prefer tall dbs others prefer fast. Again, nobody was saying that Reed wasnt good. Maybe Simpson was making too much, maybe the big 30 scared huff a little. He hasnt hopped on Keon Raymond yet so I dont see him going back, that doesnt mean that Raymond cant still have 1 or 2 more great seasons. I like what Simpson brings to the table, and as a grey cup champion and vocal leader of the stamps D, yes I can say that I wouldnt mind having him over Reed.

Tank Reed is gone, I liked him on the Cats, but, he plays for another team now, move on and get over it,
he was already replaced before he even went to CGY.
The loss of Sink and Erik Harris is a much greater loss than Tank

I believe that Grant was offered a one year deal by Kent for last season based on the fact that he had a lack luster 2014 campaign. He was a very late signing. As much as I really like Bakari's character his on field play was erratic. Some big, costly penalties and not very big numbers. I wish him all the best in Calgary. I am looking forward to seeing who will be in his spot. Underwood and Tolliver both on the field with Fantuz and Tasker, hmmmm...... :thup:

As for Tank, I don't know what he wanted as far as contract length. I am confident that we will have a solid replacement based on the abilities of Kent and Tillman.

maybe Huff knows a little more about Simpsons injury... I'd like to see Simpson here (since we lost our young stud mlb) he's a pretty intimidating dude but that injury and he's 30+ is reason for concern

well sure, that's 2 players vs 1 player :slight_smile:

Never liked gainey

Yeah, you ARE dead wrong. The article is addressing the fan reaction, not the team's reaction. That's why the article even describes those players as "fan favourites".

And no, it's not bizarre. Grant was a FA last year, he was on the market for 6 weeks before re-signing with the Cats. What that tells me is that his agent overestimated his value, no team bit & Grant re-upped, likely for considerably less than he was expecting. Same thing happened this year. I liked Grant, but his penchant for taking bad penalties & high salary demand likely meant the end for him here. Edem was only ever going to be a backup here after Stephen re-signed & while here, only ever played special teams. Stewart was a backup as well, although he played really well on special teams. But he was a vet & likely not cheap. Medlock was likely making good coin & while I wish he had stayed, paying what he wanted & to an American to boot, is something Austin likely wants to get away from. I liked Reed too, but he was sometimes caught out of position or missed tackles. In any case, Hoffman-Ellis replaces him. Gainey was....well, he was Gainey. See EDF, Ellingson, Greg for reference.

The only players I consider that we've "lost" are Harris & Sinkfield. Owens replaces Sink, Harris will be replaced by Sears or Murray. If Sears is injured again, it might even be Butler, with Daly starting at safety.