Taylor Reed Cut By Stamps

Alex Singleton has been huge for the Stamps.
Reed is out. I do not think it will be long before he is on a team.

Then again, I said that about Keon Raymond.

With all the problems the Cats have on the D, I think either or both these guys can help.
When I say problems, I mean points, breakdowns and getting beat on the big play.
They are getting carved up.

Well the Tank wasn't unemployed for long. The TWOCOLOURS have picked him up off the waiver wire. Good for Ottawa , bad for Hamilton . It would've been nice to see Reed back in BLACK "n" GOLD instead of RED "n" BLACK. :frowning:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2016/09/12/stampeders-release-middle-linebacker-taylor-reed/]http://www.cfl.ca/2016/09/12/stampeders ... ylor-reed/[/url]

Good for him and the RB's.

Wonder if he can share some Stamp secrets with the OTT D ?

A good move by Ottawa, they get a Stamp D player 5 days before their game in Calgary. No doubt that he will know the Stamps Offense, he's lined up against them every day in practice. Don't know if Ottawa would start him.

Apparently he is starting for them this saturday!

Not that tank REed is not any good he is a good football player but you have to admit the youngster is so much better. Singleton was all over that field and had 11 tackles yesterday. Tank had 8 like I said not to shabby but Singleton is noticeable and canadian to boot. Just in his first year he is making people state who is this guy? Could be in the running for rookie of the year if he keeps it up and stays healthy. To Tank Reed keep it up man you are a good football player but got beat out by a guy that has the same talent as you but maybe a bit better.