Taylor - Mosaic Seating

Saw a few games in other stadiums this year and it got me thinking about my season ticket on the wooden bench. I for one would be willing to pay a premium or tax if I thought it would help finance getting real seats. I'm always sitting next to a big palooka that seems to grow wider with every beer and hotdog and by the end of the game I can hardly exhale.

This really hit home when I read in the Edmonton Journal (online) that they are looking to replace the amazingly comfortable seats in Commonwealth Stadium with 'better' ones.

Gawd...the humanity.

The thing with seats is that they are more difficult and take longer to clean the bird 'ahem'...."refuse" off of, not too mention spilt beverages, food, or dare I say even vomit. Not too mention the benches are easier and cheaper to repair. This would lead to slightly higher stadium maintainance costs, therefore higher ticket prices all around. Don't get me wrong, I definatly prefer seats to benches (the new ones at Brandt Centre are unreal) but I can't see them changing the seating at 'Mighty Mosaic' without raising ticket prices.

The other thing to consider is, if you replace the benches with theatre style seats, you will lose capacity.
I just hope they never go to aluminum on the east side....

maybe u have 2 much time on your hands :stuck_out_tongue: but IMO i dont see nothing wrong with the wooden benches right now? I know 4 a fact that they are more warmer than the aluminum one's in sept, oct :lol:

Personally I would just like to see football games played in a different neighbourhood then where they are currently being played in Regina. But since a snowball has a better chance in getting through hell I guess expansion is the only other opportunity. Wood or aluminum? I dont care Just as long as I dont have to sit in Pigeon S*** to watch the riders play.

We're in trouble both ways- new seats=less capacity, but more comfort in seating; old seats-nudging up to a bigger person, as "Tank" aptly noted,but more capacity. I guess it comes down to the Annual General Meeting. Make a suggestion then and see what the masses prefer.

You know what, i find the wooden benches more comfy than the metal ones on the shady side. All you need is a little cushion or a blanket underneath and its good. The metal ones seem to leave me with a sore back after the games! :frowning:

The aluminum ones are too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, and as you point out, too unforgiving all the time.
Stay with the wood!

Given some money, I would rather see the Riders throw in another set of seats. Even something similar to what they put in this year for the Rolling Stones concert if that was permanent.

keep the seats we have, and get a few more thousand capacity at the stadium instead, for what would likely be similar money