Taylor Loffler announces retirement from CFL

TORONTO — Taylor Loffler took to his Instagram account on Tuesday night to announce his retirement from professional football.

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He hurt his knees in UNI ball and pretty much every year since. But a great player in between. I hope he can live wiithout pain now. Still a very young man. Good luck.

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Taylor Loffler was a outstanding defensive back during his stellar 4 year career with the Bombers and the Als. Unfortunately he was plagued with serious injuries throughout his hard hitting career. I wish Taylor all the best in his retirement. :cry: :football: :canada:

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When he was in high school, I thought he was the best all-round athlete playing football and basketball since I saw Jason Clermont in Regina. I told a scout from the Riders about him, but unfortunately the knee issues he had in high school continued in his football career. A real warrior, I wish Taylor the best.