Taylor, Grice-Mullen, Lumbala, Guice Sign With NFL Teams

A few more CFL players have signed on with NFL teams.

Alouette kick returner Larry Taylor is now a New York Jet:


Lions wide receiver/kick returner Ryan Grice-Mullen and fullback Rolly Lumbala have signed with the Miami Dolphins:

[url=http://tsn.ca/nfl/teams/story/?id=305027&hubname=nfl-dolphins]http://tsn.ca/nfl/teams/story/?id=30502 ... l-dolphins[/url] [url=http://tsn.ca/nfl/teams/story/?id=304908&hubname=nfl-dolphins]http://tsn.ca/nfl/teams/story/?id=30490 ... l-dolphins[/url]

And Bombers wide receiver Dudley Guice is now with the Indianapolis Colts:

[url=http://tsn.ca/nfl/teams/story/?id=304989&hubname=nfl-colts]http://tsn.ca/nfl/teams/story/?id=30498 ... =nfl-colts[/url]

Good for them,I hope it works out well for them.

Not me! I want Grice-Mullen back!

Doesn't affect the tabbies - I don't care.

It's a bloodbath! Grice finally learned how to catch. He'll be back. He's too small for the United Statesian League. So's Taylor for that matter. Lumballa's got spark, size and a great name. I hope it works out for them. They deserve it and it's been a pleasure to watch them play. :frowning:

They are going to return kicks, you don't have to be big to do that.

Look at Stefan Logan, small guy did pretty good for the Steelers this year.

The myth about football is that you have to be a certain size to play in the NFL. If a guy has talent, he will make it.

They said the same thing about Doug Flutie and he led the Bills to back to back playoff appearances.

Obviously you need enough size but I think the NFL is seeing that speed is actually more important, and not just raw speed but speed combined with some toughness on the part of the player. Same in hockey, as far as I'm concerned that US junior team was overall a quicker team than Team Canada and seemed to be a bit smaller, player size that is, on average at least with the forwards.

The only one of these guys who has any chance of sticking in my opinion is Taylor. Although there is a rumor going around CFL message boards that Tsoumpas has just signed with the Dolphins, and I could see him sticking too.

Like CaptainKirk said, who cares, has nothing to do with the Ti-Cats, Id be more worried about Knowlton, Smith and Tisdale!

Really it dose ..Dudley Guice is now with the Indianapolis Colts Means it one more Person Sam has Fight for a Job.

It could help him to be pushed back to canada

While none of these players are Ti-Cats, if other teams lose talented players, it does affect the Ti-Cats. To that extent, I care.

Seems like more players are signing with the NFL this year. I think that says a lot about the talent level in the CFL, and also speaks to the fact that there is no longer a European Football League, and the Arena League did not play last year.