Taylor Field needs more seating

Next year I would highly suggest we put in more seating at Taylor field. Make the endzone seating higher at the one end of the stadium, and add in more at the other side of the stadium. Today they sold a little under 9,000 seats in about a half an hour. We have sold out nearly every game this season. It's time to put more green in the stands, and make Taylor Field that much more louder on game days. (and yes I still do call it Taylor Field, and always will)

Originally posted in the CFL forum in the WSO SRO thread by myself....

"...I think most of the money we make this year should be a financial commitment for a large expansion program of Mosaic Stadium, to be matched by all three levels of govt. in some capacity. Leading the way would have to be the Riders and the City of Regina who owns the facility. I'd like to see something small and managable for the offseason that would be considered viable in the short term and sustainable in the long term. The numbers provided by the league through Saskie in another post speak to this need, and the probability to earn alot more in ticket sales.


I think an upgrade involving the construction of 4200 seats in the north(and particularily northeast) endzone that connects with the East bank of seats is entirely possible and if not needed then definately wanted.

The reason I would favor the north endzone is to further shelter the neighbours in the area from crowd noise and to continue to have a great view out of the south endzone toward the rail lines and the downtown skyline. After all our downtown needs the publicity and our rail lines are our life lines of trade and heritage in the city and province."

What do you think? And even more important, what would you say Jim Hopson thinks? The City of Regina?


It will take two more years of sell-outs to make expansion a reality. To date, this year has been an anomaly. No one will expand based on one year. Especially when in the past thousands of seats have been unsold over the course of the year.

Produce sell-outs for two more years and by the end of that second year you will see plans for expansion (or construction of a new stadium but that is dreaming)

Even two years is strething it...

It was supposed to happen within three or four years ago, and that was two years ago. That stupid lounge or what ever it is has taken away a couple hundred extra seats on what used to be "hemroid hill". Get 'er done already.

The problem with more seating is the urgency to get tickets will diminish. People will be able to say I'll wait and see what the weather is like or I'll see how the Riders play this week. Right now if you don't act right away you're out of luck. Some increase in seating is warranted but the amount that is should be evaluated with caution.

Well well well…2 yrs minimum eh? Anyone read the paper today? I think we can all agree that winning translates to butts in seats. So are you naysayers suggesting we will have a drop off in success next year, despite how this season pans out(worst case scenario a home playoff game)? Or is it the year after you are worried about? Show me an economics degree, let alone a marketing degree, and I’ll take your comments with a grain of respect.

Personally I think a total capacity of 40000, as talked about by Hopson in the paper, does detract from the demand for tickets(good point Dusty100), and I echo the points in my previous post. We need about 4500 new seats for now. As little as 3200 would leave us with an even 32000. Cmon people, book it and pay the bills, this is something we are already a few years behind on.


I always thought the short term goal was to get the stadium up to 30,000 good seats and attempt to eliminate some of those garbage end zone seats, which I think would be perfect.

We don't need a 40,000 seat stadium just yet. I'd rather see a 30,000 seat stadium packed every game than a 40,000 seat stadium with empty seats all the time, and you can look at the success Montreal has had when they went to the smaller McGill stadium which created huge demand for the team.

Exactly. I believe you need people to not be able to get tickets... Drives the want up and then the team can raise the ticket prices and make more $$$....

I just hope no one suggests the Montreal formula would apply here.

My dad pointed out that IHHO 40,000+ would be the way the city(who owns it) leans for events outside of the Rider games which COULD become more frequent. Concerts and major sporting and non-sporting events require large venues to accomodate large bottom lines. This in combination with the new arena slated for R.E.P. could help make Regina a MORE world class event-hosting city than it already is. We may just need more room on the map.


The Riders arent talking about purchasing the bldg. and the owners will have the final say. Look at the bigger picture folks. And ask yourself this...How many legitimate world class events, outside of CFL games has Mosaic(Taylor) Field ever hosted??? The answer is 2. Dont be satisfied with a couple Rolling Stones dates every 45 years, I'm hoping the city wont be and will lobby higher levels of govt. for contributions that would lave a permenant legacy of Canadian-Saskatchewanian-Reginan heritage in our community.


What does that have to do with anything...

We are talking about making the stadium bigger for Rider games.

The basic concept behind the Montreal formula is nothing new, and im not saying we reduce the stadium size any.

I just believe that selling out creates demand and interest around the team, and if we increase the stadium to 40,000 we're going to see 10,000 empty seats for regular season games minus the Labour day game.

I think the team should look at improving some of the seats and infrastructure rather than do a huge addition right now.

Down the road if the team remains a good product on the field and we see continued success in the stands, then I think the team would seriously look at putting more seats in, sorta like Montreal is doing :wink:

My first point is....uummmm...it has everything to DO with it actually. Help me out here Reginans and remind this guy that any expansion plans slated for Mosaic will be executed BY THE CITY OF REGINA as they are the sole owners and operators of the land and facility. I'll give you an example since you dont seem to be catching on.

I rent an apartment, thats owned by Adam Neisner a local real estate mogul. Lately I've been thinking I'd really love an office to call my own in my home and my GF wants a new sewing room to meet the demands of her seamstress business.. This weekend I go to Home Depot to load up on supplies and get some direction from the qualified professionals there on how to frame up these new rooms. The following weekend arrives and I commence operations. One of the other tennants in the bldg. hears and notices my progress and calls Mr. Neisner to notify him of my renovations. Ring any bells yet?

Oooooops. Mr. Neisner knocks on my door, with him he brings a copy of the rental lease(with my signature on it) that clearly states that Neisner Investments owns the property and any and all renovations or improvements must, at a minimum, be cleared by Neisner Investments as soul owners of the property. Some apts. wont even let you paint, despite your offers to supply materials and labor. Double ooooooops! I forgot about my rental lease forbidding me to do such, and I wasted my money and time on supplies and labor.

My second point is that to ignore the legacy factor that would benefit our community economically and heritage wise would be foolish for the City of Regina to do. We just hosted the Canada Summer Games in 2005. The legacy of the facilities it left behind in Regina is a far larger benefit to the community then the games themselves.

First question, would you want the city to give the Riders the ok to go ahead and do as they want even if they are going to have to spend the money(our tax dollars) fixing any screw ups that MIGHT occur with the right of ways involved(ie:streets, plumbing, electrical, etc.)?

Second question is, got anything against a greater potential for hosting large events in this city for years to come and finally giving the Riders the home they've deserved for years?


What the hell are you talking about...

Where is this money coming from.... Do you have any idea about how much money it would cost to build a new stadium if thats what you are talking about...?

we don’t need a new stadium YET! Increase capacity to about 35K, that should be enough for now! Anything more, as mentioned above, would be left empty for most games except Labour Day and playoffs

I've talked about this for a while now too. They should add in some seating, probably to a maximum of 35K. There does need to be some draw for the stadium as a destination for other acts, like the Rolling Stones demonstrated last year. However, to be sensitive to the needs of their primary tenants (as cflhatespeopleusingslang points out) the City of Regina (which owns/operates Taylor Field and the stadium located there) shouldn't go over that 35K number.

However, I think that they also need to work on upgrading the quality of the concourse area. And I think that 3 simple things will make a huge difference.

  1. Put in a proper air exchange system so that people don't get smoked out from the grease flames coming off of the grill.

  2. Contract out some of the food services, like other stadiums do, so that you can get quality food products - it'll cost more, but it'll be worth it.

  3. Spruce up the interior of the concourse a bit more...it's still naaaaasty.

Heres a novel idea...try reading for comprehension instead of ignorant skimming.
Heres my quote again, Ive highlighted the good parts to suit your tendancies...LOL!!!

"My first point is....uummmm...it has everything to DO with it actually. Help me out here Reginans and remind this guy that any expansion plans slated for Mosaic will be executed BY THE CITY OF REGINA as they are the sole owners and operators of the land and facility. I'll give you an example since you dont seem to be catching on."

I am clearly not talking about turning soil that hasnt previously been turned my friend.

How do you draw that conclusion from any part of my statements??? I WAS looking forward to answers to my questions from you but you missed those as well. Figures.


Wha...??? Ur clearly confusing me with cflsomethingelsebutnotgameanyone.

Slang is fine by me. I went to school and Ive worked a real job in the real world. I know and can interpret most gobbldygook thrown my way. Isnt this just the shizznit my gizzle mizzle? LOL.


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