Taylor Field being renamed?

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re-named / re-designed taylor field next year


The Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club and The Mosaic Company made an historic announcement today regarding the naming rights of Taylor Field.

Through a new sponsorship agreement, the home of the Roughriders will now be called Mosaic Stadium.

This agreement entitles Mosaic Canada to have stadium naming rights for 10 years at a cost of $3.75 million, directly benefiting the team, the stadium and ultimately, the fans.

“Mosaic is a pillar in the Saskatchewan business community with many of the same values that the Roughrider organization represents,? said Roughriders President/CEO Jim Hopson. “I have had the pleasure of meeting with executives and employees of Mosaic, and I am thrilled with this relationship. Both the Roughriders and Mosaic have a vision of making this stadium the best place to play and watch a game in Canada.?

“Mosaic wanted to give back to the people of this province who have been so welcoming and supportive of our industry,? stated Mosaic’s Vice President of Potash Operations Norm Beug. “We chose the Riders because we wanted to contribute to something that is so well-loved and shared by everyone in Saskatchewan.?

For the duration of the agreement, the Roughriders through the facility fee and the City of Regina and Mosaic will work together on several initiatives to benefit the football team and its fans. Renovations will be made to the football facilities, including an upgraded weight room, meeting rooms, and offices to help attract and retain players and coaches.

“I want to thank Mosaic Canada for the commitment they are making to Regina with this sponsorship,? said Mayor of Regina Pat Fiacco. “Regina, like every other community in Canada is struggling with the challenge of an infrastructure deficit which includes sports and recreation facilities. Partnerships between municipalities and the corporate community are essential in addressing this challenge.?

Fans will notice a change to the stadium with a new and improved Rider Store and Ticket Office. Improvements will also be made to the stadium’s seating, lighting and general maintenance.

“These improvements will benefit everyone who uses Mosaic Stadium, for the good of the whole community,? said Jim Hopson.

The current home of the Roughriders was originally built in 1927 under the name Park de Young. Over the years the stadium received numerous upgrades and improvements to the seating and to the playing field.

In 1947 the City of Regina renamed the stadium Taylor Field, after Neil “Piffles? Taylor who passed away the year before. An instrumental part of the early development of the Roughriders, Taylor had been a player, coach, and executive for the team since its founding in 1910. The Taylor family has been closely consulted throughout discussions about this agreement, and has given their full support to the naming of the stadium.

The new deal has been approved by the Executive Committee which is made of the members of City Council. Formal approval is expected by City Council at their meeting on Monday, June 26th.

About The Mosaic Company
The Mosaic Company is one of the world's leading producers and marketers of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients. For the global agriculture industry, Mosaic is a single source of phosphates, potash, nitrogen fertilizers and feed ingredients. More information on the company is available at http://www.mosaicco.com .

shoulda been called Mosaic Field...oh well.

They should just add the word Cultural to Mosaic but then I guess the stadium would be in downtown Toronto instead of in Saskatchewan, don't think the Rider fans would like that much, a long drive.

Ok, lame attempt at some humour but I tried.

the stadium sounds like its gonna look very good next year...

a change to the stadium with a new and improved Rider Store and Ticket Office. Improvements will also be made to the stadium’s seating, lighting and general maintenance.

also new field turf next season.

Mosaic Field

good job Riders.....get a few bucks for the naming rights....

They should shape it like a suit case most rider fans are always on the road!

is this deal 3.75 million per year for 10 years, or 3.75 million PERIOD?...cuz it sounds like a one time payment.

3.75 period.....total cost.....

awe...its still found money, i guess.

now both sask and montreals stadiums will be renovated for next season....good stuff :thup:....( not to mention the ongoing talk about new winnipeg and halifax stadiums )

WHAT!!!!!!! I understand doing it for the money, but the Taylor name is sacred! is there nothing up for sale in the CFL anymore? They couldn't call it Mocrap Taylor Stadium?

if I was in Regina, I'd riot.

Commonwealth Stadium is also getting a minor $350,000 renovation for next season as well.

And they haven't started pointing their stash of missiles towards Atlanta for you referring to their stadium as "Mocrap"?!?

What indoor plumbing ha ha ha Kidding that is a great facility what would they need to do with it?

I am all for $3.75 million, but what a sacrifice. The Taylor Field name carries so much history and identity. It will take us Rider fans generations to come to grips with a new name.

I guess you can still call it Taylor Field, like I do with Winnipeg Stadium, but jeez!

Hey if it pays the bills on improvements why not? It is only a name! The fact it is helping the team and the stadium go for it!

yeah, but you don't want to sell out everything, it will give the Riders a shot in the arm, but where do you draw the line?

I am all for naming rights and stadiums, but couldn't the team get more then that, basically $375,000 per season?
Surely $1M per year was attainable?

I have to agree with you but it is possible they were the only ones that stepped up to pay!

Plus, let’s face it, Regina and Saskatchewan isn’t really brimming with multi-million dollar companies to justify such a high advertising venture.

Of course, we are not talking Center of the Universe like money, but surely we are not devaluing Regina and the entire province?