Taylor Bertolet: Should be easy enough to find an upgrade

Maybe it is the 23-34 (68% FG success rate this year)
Maybe it was the worst squib kick i have ever watched last night
Maybe it was the biggest Ticat missed PAT in recent memory
Maybe it was the 8-14 (57% FG success rate) in the Alliance of American Football
Maybe it was the 37 of 56 (66% FG success rate) at Texas A and M university

So this year is the highest success rate in his career.


It's not like the team didn't have 18 months to find one...


It’s more than pathetic…..it’s mismanagement of precious $$ to pay this guy.

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Good post Iceman`1. It's good to see an expressed strong opinion backed up with strong supporting stats.
A side note, related to kicking -- Why didn't the TiCats kick, for the convert, following their only TD last night? The TD, prior to the convert attempt, put them 14 points behind, with 1:50 left in the game, and they chose to try for 2. ????
The play worked very well, with Thomas Erlington, standing alone in the end zone, making an easy catch. Was it a broken play, by the TOR D, that left him uncovered, or was it a designed 2-pt. conversion play, which the TiCats believed would leave their RB alone in the end zone? If it was the latter, how stupid was that, putting it on film and exposing it to all possible post season opponents?

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The ONE TIME the HC played to win...
You said it yourself, there was a 14-point difference before the PAT. A single makes it 13-points, and a double makes it 12.
IF they scored 2 more TDs (with single PATs), and disallow TOR scoring, HAM would be up by two, forcing TOR to attempt a FG to win the game, instead of only needing a Rouge to tie it.
Maybe Orlondo's faith in Bertolet was shattered this game and couldn't trust him to score a convert. In the above scenario, he would have to be successful on two PATs. If he poops the bed -again- on the first, then the team would have to attempt a 2-PAT again in order to be ahead by 2-points again.

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I agree, I think we should abandon PAT and field goals until we find a kicker. It's TDs or nothing for us here on out.

The cats should consider open try outs. Desperate, I know, but I think that's where we find our kicking game.

Anybody the team brings in now will have to quarantine before they can even practice, so we're stuck with what the co-GM's have saddled Orlondo with.
Can Domagala be any worse?

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Well he can't be any worse . I mean he has shown that he is quite capable of missing fg's and ptas and also hitting the goalpost and crossbar just as good as this Bert Toilet guy can . The only thing he does have that might help us in the ratio department is a Canadian passport and birth certificate .

The Canadian passport alone should put him on the roster instead of Bertolet. Especially if Jackson can play.

Agreed. I’ll take a good yank RB to partner with STE and a terrible Canadian K over wasting an import spot on a useless kicker.

I'll be 59 years old and i think i can do better. : :crazy_face:

What about Brian Diesbourg? He's only 41. image

Is Jamie Boreham busy?

And doesn’t need the money so would likely work for peanuts. Or Burgers


Start Domogala. Saves an American spot on the roster

Legit question.

We have kept Domogala on the practice roster all season.
How bad would Taylor have to be to bench him for Domogala?
Domogala was 76% career at Carlton. A success rate Bertolet has never achieved.
I would say his leg is not as strong as Taylor but if he isn't good enough get someone else.

We used to have a yardsale of tryouts for the position in years past.

Domagala has a pretty strong leg as all of his kicks have had plenty of distance. He seems to have a very strong lower body and even made a nice tackle during a play. Great effort on his part.

Currently there is not enough of a sample size to know if he would be an upgrade in accuracy over Bertolet but I would be willing to give him more of a chance. At the very least it would help with the ratio to have an enthusuastic Canadian kid in there.


If the sample size is based on performance in practice, coaches need to realize that some guys just don’t step up in games, regardless of what they may do in practice.


There is little risk at this point. What are we getting out of our current…Jesus I almost called him a Kicker. What are we getting out of the current guy?


Six CFL teams have kickers well above 80% FG accuracy. Bertolet is at 67% so definitely not good enough.

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