Tay Cody's Future?

I talked to Tay Cody and he said he will play football in the states next year. He said the biggest problem was this will be his third GM in three years and he doesn't know what direction the ticats want to go and he had a bad relationship with Marcel. This kind of explains why there was less Tay Cody in the media this year. If i recall Tay had his family up here and did a great job in the community. If the the ticats loose Cody the only other player they have is Moreno and that want be good for a terrible team. Why isn't Cody locked up long term any way!

I refute you thus:


Anyone else I forgot?

Don't believe a word of it. This is called: posturing.
Tay doesn't have to worry about Marcel anymore, so what's the big deal? Whoever comes in as GM will be a NEW relationship, so nothing is lost.
Tay knows well he is the only real veteran of the defense/backfield bunch, so this is just preasure to sweeten his next contract.
I say: RELAX!!! He'll be here next year...

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You're right. there's a contradicton in the first post. First he hates the fact that there's going to be a third GM, and then he hates the outoing GM.

You'd think he'd welcome a change if he had a bad relationship with Marcel.

Just please, please, put him back at HB so he can lay big hits on opposing slotbacks, and get him out of the safety spot where he clearly doesn't belong.


Sure, Cody's going to play in the US next year. And just where might that be? A 5'9" DB coming from the worst CFL team two years running probably isn't going to be in great demand.

He'll be back and he should be grateful for that.

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Question: Jykine Bradley came back from his injury but was still on the bench for wat? 5 games? and now they start him in the final 2 games of the season and he gets 2 interceptions, so the question is....why wasnt jykine bradley a starter as soon as he was able to play?

The coaching staff has no clue what there doing. Bradleys an animal he should of been back in there on labourday.

hey guys - new to the message boards but i agree that jykine bradley is a very good DB for the Cats
this guy just gets INTs!
i dunno - thats just my opinion - i like ball hawk DBs but maybe he took too many risks and leaves guys open

p.s how long do we still have armour under contract? he's someone we really got to keep around

Jojuan Armour just finished his option year, tLF.

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OK, have to play the bad guy here:
Will Lumsden come back from his injury?
If Lumsden is healthy how much do we use Caulley
Setta is rumored out to the NFL
Armour is a UFA
Printers can't seem to finish a game
Williams really tailed off

Just saying thats all

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so what are the chances we retain Armour?

I think there pretty good the team knows they cant afford to lose him so he will get some big cash

Theres the arena league and they pay more then the CFL buddy!Watch what you wish for!He could easy play in the arena league!

they dont pay more than the cfl

base arena league salary is $1,647 per game to a maximum of 80,000 per season. they play a 16 game season. I guess some players can do ok but not sure how the playoff money works or how many approach the max.

base cfl is 32,000 with average of 55,000. so I guess arena league can be a viable option for some players.

You might want to think about keeping Howard on the DLine after the final game performance...

The offense is a bit tougher call...(I cannot believe that either the nit-wit DC and OC will be here next year) and its plain that Marcel ruffled a lot of feelings and feathers that we could not see, outside of the locker room...but with the "right" OC, things might be a lot different...

I'd favour keeping Armstead and Baumann,,I think something can be made there, as I feel with Currie

Mariuz is a lock at coming back...

But there is a lot of decisions to be made...how much do you save from a 3-13 team and spend your salary cap, vs howe much do you save for new guys?

And, you'll probably face a dispersal draft with a "new" Ottawa team on the horizon...who do protect, who do you "expose"?

No wonder Bob is looking for a highly experienced GM, and decisions have to be taken before 1 December...February comes around quickly and you can bet that any new Ottawa group will be quietly signing Senior Management positions well in advance of any official announcements, with an eye to picking up any loose talent that is carelessly left open in the Eastern Division...

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I thought I remembered Cody still holding out hope for a crack at the NFL - I dunno I may be way off guard on this one.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that I would think that the CFL would present a better chance of making it to the NFL because the rules are closer to the NFL than Arena League's are.

Anyway - I could be completely off - let me know.