Tay Cody

I see that Tay is not starting at halfback.
I don't think that he's come back to his old form since his injury. He certainly hasn't been the same player that we saw last year. Hopefully Tay can return to his old self again. :cowboy:

I blame it on the scheme, especially one that plays him out of position.

How many times do they have to change the secondary? They’ll never gel as a unit until someone makes a decision and firms up.

That's what we do here in Hamilton...play people out of position. We've done since Bob took over the coaching. It has to be HIM, because it happended under Marshall, Lancaster and now Taaffe.

All-Star safety plays Corner. (Karikari)
All Star HB plays Safety. (Cody)
All Star Centre plays Guard. (Hudson)

All Star Corner plays Safety. (Shaw)

The list unfortunately...is endless.

Apparently Tay is not dressing because of a hamstring injury.

Source: The Tiger Cat Show CHML Noon Oct. 20

Let's all hope that he hasn't been banished to the "Personal Issues" Gulag.