tay cody

will tay :rockin: play against winnipeg this week

According to this website, he's still on the injured list.

Check the depth chart section periodically for the line up for the Winnipeg game.

Rest assured it will be brought to the attenion of this board once the depth chart is released.

at practice today Mon July 23 and asked him if he was playing on Friday against the Peg. He said he was.

Thank GOD for that. :smiley:

Pitts, who was victimized on B.C.'s first TD, became expendable with the return to health of veterans Jykine Bradley and Tay Cody.


Sounds like they`re both back in fine form :slight_smile:

Cody and Bradley? Fanatstic news!

That news makes reading the comment about the Leafs' jerseys in the other thread a lot easier to handle. :smiley:

The topic is which jersies are best not which team you like best. Face it there are fans of teams with VERY ugly uniforms. Ticats fans are among them (we have the Golds)