Tay Cody to join new league?

Tay Cody is currently listed as a member of Team Florida in the All American Football League.

[url=http://www.allamericanfootballleague.com/Florida/coachesplayers.php]http://www.allamericanfootballleague.co ... layers.php[/url]

The league is set to run from April 12th to June 14th. Assuming the CFL starts the last weekend of June like last year, he could theoretically join the team midway through training camp after the AAFL schedule finishes.

This is getting ridiculous.

This HAS gotten beyond ridiculous

When you set a precedent like we set with Goss last year, you can't expect much better.

tay obviously is confused and his feelings are still hurt.
he's confused because he's been led to believe that he will get a better chance to go back to the nfl by way of this XFL type league. sorry tay, but the talent level in the CFL is far superior to that of this league you've apparently decided to join.these guys are all has beens-and if you're not careful you'll be one of them sooner rather than later.PETER WARRICK, TRAVIS MCGRIFF, K.D. WILLIAMS!gimme a break.
his feelings are still hurt because he's not a headliner talked about in the same breath as jesse and casey.i got news for you tay,you are a star in this league and the tiger-cats and their fans do appreciate you, you're just not one of those guys
that will help sell tix. get your head out of your a**
and make the money that will help you to support your family long term, not that monopoly money they're giving out down there.
i guess you're a guy that needs to have his ego stroked, well, we've known that since you arrived here.

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He's under contract so I'm not sure how he can sign with another team or league.

I'd say that Tay is probably getting as much money or more in the AAFL than in the CFL. It's not like we're paying our guys (other than Printers) tons of money. Good enough to make a living on but these guys retire at under 40, not 65.

Again how does that justify violating a contract.

he would need permission from the Tiger Cats, which he could get if it was evident he didn't want to be here.

I'd think that's not the case when he is still listed on the roster.

He’d get no permission from me if I were in charge. I doubt this league would be paying him much more than we are if they are even paying him more at all. It’s another hard-ball tactic. I’m sick and tired of whiny people who think they’re more important than the team. I always liked Tay, but if he’s going to be a distraction get rid of him.

They dont have to honour CFL contracts. The AFL does not, apparently the NCAA does not... only the NFL does.

shades of arnold parker (los angeles avengers, afl), shades of marcus spencer (released by cats to try for an afl job, found instead at an nfl combine).

suspend him.

bye bye.

Whats the next move Tay traded to Edmonton for.... :roll:

The Arkansas team has K.D. Williams on it!

I wonder if he still has those two gold front teeth.

Me thinks he does!

As for Tay, I think the team will play hardball with him. I don’t think Obie is going to renegotiate or coddle him when he is coming off a sub-par year and a bum knee.

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ps. The Texas coach John Jenkins is slowly starting to resemble Edgar Winter.


Now it looks like we won’t even be able to trade Cody! Obviously he is burning his bridges with the Ticats.

Next we'll see Taafe named as the Team Florida coach.

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:lol: Please, the poor tabbie fans were just starting to get backs unarched. :)

This little blurb was in the spec today in the article named "'Silent Majority' Understand". A topic in which Bob Young tries to reason why he had to raise ticket prices...but that is besides the point. It looks like our hard hitting safety is headed for Florida of the AAFL? WHAT! ya I know, say it ain't so Tay! Say it ain't so!

[b]The Ticats are staying mum on the Tay Cody matter. The team's 2006 most outstanding player nominee has apparently inked a deal with Florida of the fledgling All-American Football League, an eight-team loop hoping to play its first season between April and June.

But the free safety remains under contract to Hamilton. While Cody requested a trade before Christmas, new Cat GM Bob O'Billovich said recently he hopes to convince the Florida State product to remain. Club president Scott Mitchell referred inquiries about Cody's status to the GM yesterday, who is on a scouting mission and was unavailable for comment.[/b]


If Obie allows Cody to walk, I'm assuming Obie has talent lined up to replace him.