Tay Cody....tired of Cats'

.....says he doesn't get any respect from the team....(is he trying a Rodney Dangerfield lol) Cody wants out out of Hamilton according to the Ham. Spectator....I'd like to see him in BluenGold....he's one helluva' hard hitting db .....BUT ......he'd have to check the attitude at the door...IF we lose Kyries Hebert to the nfl...i think he'd be worth a look....????

If you got him papa, do NOT try to play him at safety as Hamilton did this year. He's a DB, play him in his natural position.

////right you are MadJack....i think they were playing Cody out of position....although he's very versatile....He did come up lame awhile back....but if he's over that, i would think he would be a nice addition to Marshalls 'd'...It looks like we would have to give up a pretty good player to get him...and depending on what the Cats might ask....we would have to weigh that one out... in the end,O' Billy' might prefer to deal him out west... or sign him to a multi-year contract (lol)we'll see... :roll:

i personaly think tay cody is the most over rated DB in the CFL..... but that could just be me

.....over rated....could be...hits a ton ....definitely//// IF we could sign Chip Cox??????...i say go that route :wink:

or both, and if they are in fact over rated, just cut em in TC

tay may be much better in marshals system and with a competant secondary around him....

but hey, an upgrades an upgrade

Wally will be talking to Cody. The newpapers here are predicting he'll end up in BC. (Now that Mark Washington is retiring to be a DB coach.)

dear bomber fan, be careful what you wish for. tay cody is frustrated and should be put on a timeout.
he says he is joining the new AAFL only because he feels the tiger-cats don't talk about him in the same sentences as the likes of jesse and casey and zeke when it comes to the faces of the franchise.that's all.
the only way he'll be happy is if you talk about him in the same breath as milt, KG, and barrin,and grossly overpay him-which with a smart guy like BT, it won't be happening in the 'peg either.truth is, this is really all about his over-inflated thought of himself.just let him go to satisfy his need to be the guy in a league full of has-beens. K.D. WILLIAMS,ERIC CROUCH,PETER WARRICK...gimme a break.
brendan can and will find a suitable replacement for kyries until he gets cut in september.

city legend

ya im not sure i want him here anymore, attitude problems and questionable coverage IMO....

who knows maybe the secindary can keep at least half its starters in all season and have some continuity... for a while malveaux was the only starter

i think davin may be able to be a good one if he can stay healthy, malbrough is pretty amazing coverage guy, shut down caliber, bolden is like the milt of the secondary, and bean can be pretty amazing at times... maybe he can be consistent this year.. malveaux is extremely verstaile, although he has shown to be a little inconsistent.... he can really ball at times

with some luck on the injury department i think our secondary will really turn some heads and be par with our amazing front 7