Tay Cody the Hit Master


Tay Cody has become The Hit Master in Hamilton
Laying the wood on Milt Stegall Cracking his Ribs...

Tay Seems to be there on Defence All the Time.
He has Step up to Join great Hamilton Hitters
Chris Shelling Rob Hitchcock King Kong Mosca.

This type of Guy Hamilton needs more on D.

I dont like the fact that Stegall's ribs are cracked...

But I have to agree, Tay Cody is a gamer.

^^^^ It's not like Cody wanted to injure Stegall, he just wanted to make sure that when he got up for the next play, he knew where number 4 was.

tay just made it so much easier for the cats to move into second place. i know he didnt try ta break his ribs but he did so he will be out for a wile and wayne shaw also hurt kevin glen. with those two players out we could move into second

He only wanted to leave #4 imprinted on Milts back. Stegall could make a D.back lose his job by making look bad.

I agree Tay is mean on the field but not only that I see him at many community events what a all round ti-cat!! great to have you Tay!!

But I guess trading Montford away was a bad idea... :wink:

Where is Shelling anyway(I'm sure there is a "C" somewhere in his last name) I remember I was ticked after the Cats released him(at the same time as David Corley I believe)

Didn't Cody come over in the Davis & comisky trade?