Tay Cody should be a dual nominee

In my opinion this guy should be the Ticats' nominee for Defensive Player of the Year and Outstanding Player of the year. I've never seen him give less than 100% on any play.

I agree 100%

I can't argue with that. He's played great and it's a lot of fun to see him lay the lumber.

Thinking back to when we traded for him, I had never heard of him and I really thought we got hosed in that deal but I'm sure glad we have him now!

Yes the HIT MASTER should be our Defensive Player of the Year

Cody (#4)is rockin!

What a good deal he was as a throw in in the trade with the Esks last year .

Great trade ,based on getting Cody alone!

Absolutely. We were discussing him last night. I think he's the best player that has come to us in a trade in a very long time. He's a beast :smiley:

I agree for sure !!! I hope he does get both , he sure deserves it !!!!

Great minds... :smiley:

I might have considered giving one of those nominations to Goss... but not anymore... Tay is the man.

Born to be a Tiger Cat....Shaw was not too shabby either, actually the whole D had an ugly on, Oh happy days.

just doing his job..

Nine tackles by Tay Cody in the Edmonton game!

The next highest totals were fives and fours.

He's got game, he's got attitude, he's our best defender.

We need to see more Tay Cody jerseys in the stands.

I hardly think he was a throw in.

Methinks Katz deserves some credit here.

Best trade we have made in years, he has been outstanding in all his games, I just loves those licks he puts on the opposition receivers