Tay Cody released by the Alouettes


“Twenty-four hours after vowing to stay patient while on the Als’ practice roster, the organization lost patience with Tay Cody, releasing the veteran defensive back. Cody was a victim of circumstance. The Als are deep at the position, with more than a dozen players in the secondary between the active and practice rosters.” - Montreal Gazette

I will try to circumvent the “resuscitate Tay Cody, Cats!” thread right here, right now. LMAO Here’s a guy who was a East all-star a couple of years ago and now he’s a free agent again. I would take an Orlando Steinauer at this stage of his career over him any day, any week!

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree with Russ.

Attitude problems. One of thoses me guys instead of understanding the team concept. No thanks to either of them..........

None of them worth having at this point
Tay or Orlando[

Agreed. The problem with our secondary is the defensive line. Bringing in a new DB and/or S won't solve that.


Montford is going to be honoured at the game Monday. He'll be the closest thing to a pass rush we'll have all day.

Thanks Ockham for my laugh of the day !!

Unfortunately, you're probably correct......

I don't see why you guys couldn't use Steinhauer. He's a veteran safety who would surely do a better job than Glasper or Manning have in Barker's absence. Steinhauer would stabilize that secondary. He won't fix the pass-rush problem, but he will help.

Cody doesn't fit with the Cats. He's a natural halfback and you guys are already set there with Robinson and Thompson.


Cody & Stenhauer bring em to Hamilton!

Montford is going to be honoured at the game Monday. He'll be the closest thing to a pass rush we'll have all day.
Ock- Let me build upon the compliment from the Crandall thread.

I completely agree with Ockham. We should bring Joe out of retirement. He's better than any of the guys that we have there now. This is a great idea.


I agree. He's an upgrade over what they have now. At his age, he's not a longterm fix but he'd help get the team into the playoffs this season and when's the last time that happened.

An Argo-Cat fan

If Dylan Barker is the plan at safety next year, bring in a vet short term.
If the plan is to stay the course with Ryan at safety, it would be silly to bring either Cody or Orlando in.

Right now, with Beveridge injured, we hve no capable backup at Safety. Bring in Orlando.

(I can't believe I said "Beveridge" and "ca[able" in the same sentance...)