Tay Cody released....and 4-5 others

Just heard CHML report on a bunch of Ticat releases today

A few mentioned were Tay Cody and Howard Hodges...and others

I don't see a link anywhere yet....

Here you go

[url=http://www.900chml.com/news/news_local.cfm?cat=74281199912&rem=84712&red=801119923aPBIny&wids=410&gi=1&gm=news_local.cfm]http://www.900chml.com/news/news_local. ... _local.cfm[/url]

yay!!!!!!!! nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey, goodbye!!!!!! maybe they read my post lol.

I am Little Surprise Tay is Gone.
Howard Hodges no Surprise
Nate Curry I am shocked He is Gone

Thanks Matelot...apparantly Zamperin was just posting the link as I was typing....all imports eh?

Defensive Backs: Matt Clark, Tay Cody and Tony Tiller.

Receivers : Nate Curry and Kendrick Starling

Defensive Tackle: Howard Hodges

I wish we had had a better look at Starling just to see what he could do.

Unless Tays contract was a problem I believe this sends the wrong message. Make the guy come to camp and then cut him making it harder for him to catch on anywhere if you don’t like the nonsense he pulled and aren’t willing or able to work out the problems

No.....that's wrong...it's "head game playing"...

The Ticats look much better when they take the high-road and release players so they can have a chance of catching on elsewhere...we can't afford to use roster space to "get even" with a malcontent......sometimes things just don't work out.....it doesn't mean either side is the "bad guy"....

The Ticats are right to do this in my opinion...we can't move ahead in a positive direction if we get caught up in petty stuff.. "live and let live" I say

Its not petty mb03. It sends a message that you can’t jump ship while under contract. That is very important concept for ALL CFL clubs to portray to the players. I never said we waste a roster sapace. You don’t need to stay under a limit right now. That said I’d rather see them fix the problem and have Tay back. Cutting him should be a last resort

I hear you..but do you want someone in the locker room that doesn't want to be here ?....do you realize the poisonous comments they can say to all the new guys who don't know any better?...and are intimidated by being "rooks" to begin with?...

The locker room can be a place of camaraderie, trust and growth ......or a place of destruction.....if Tay didn't want to be here, it's best he clean his locker out....but again, it doesn't mean he's bad but he needs to not be in there is all...and this may help his career too in the long run....he may fit in fine somewhere else..and succeed.

Good Luck to Tay Cody....

My Guess now is He end up in AAFL
or Our west in the CFL.

I would like to see him traded .
We All knew his Days in Ticats Jersey where Numbered

I think we should let Obie do his job. This is also sending a message to the players we still have...if you don't want to be part of the solution get the heck out of town. Tay had a rough year, was asked to play 3 different positions, and finally lost faith. I don't blame him or Obie, and wish him well. Like others have said, the only way out of this mess is to look to the future.

Don't forget that Cody was injured. Was it a hip or knee?

He may have lost a step.

Bottom line is that if this is how our new GM (Obie) is going to handle malcontents and any others who aren't going to fit into the plans, I'm impressed.....he has given them all good notice so they can continue on with other teams and opportunities and not allowed a situation to fester which may end up being detrimental to both the team and the player...

Obie's wisdom and compassion here is refreshing...

He seems like a fair guy and extremely wise also. I'm sure he wants to see Tay Cody be successful elsewhere.

So bring him in to prove his health is good or bad if thats your reasoning. I see no upside of cutting Tay unless it cap based. Try to work it out because he's a good player and we are very thin in talent. We have a new DC and putting Cody back where he belongs may have been the only action nessasary

I'm assuming all those rumblings of Tay going to the new league down south would be true, otherwise you'd think even with him wanting out someone would have at least given a draft pick or two for him. I know Nate Curry didn't light it up by any means but I thought he would at least be back to camp this year

See thats the problem I have. The Cats appear to be caving on the issue. Whats to stop 10 more players from just saying FU I'm outta here.

Not much But Pride and Wanting to be Here to Turn it around.

I hoping we have more of those guys then the other.

But Charlie saw enough of him last year after his injury.

I see no upside of cutting Tay unless it cap based. Try to work it out because he's a good player and we are very thin in talent. We have a new DC and putting Cody back where he belongs may have been the only action nessasary
Hey, I'm sorry to see him go. I loved watching Tay play, but we may never know why exactly he was let go.

As compared to who?