Tay Cody for Safety!

Does anyone else think Cody should be playing the safety spot? He'd be a natural. You need someone who can lay the smackdown in the middle of the field, and put some fear in the hearts of slotbacks running deep between the hash marks; just like Hitch used to do. I think Shaw is a better corner than saftey anyhow. Please make the switch Kavis.

I think Renard Cox would look good at safety.

I agree we need a bigtime hitter at free safety whether it be Cody, Kornegay or a reasonable facsimile. If we have to use a import back there so be it, because the position is so vital to the strength of the overall defence. We need a good cover man who can close on the ball in a hurry.
Shaw doesn't belong in the same sentence as any three of the corners we are using now. He is the weak link of the D. Montreal cut him awhile back for a reason.
Oh yeah, just wondering why Shaw isn't on special teams. :cowboy:

I think Beveridge is the answer at safety.

Cox or Beveridge at safety are two suggestions that I like.

ya, switching someone whos successful at one position to a new one is part of what got us into this mess in the first place.

(re: brazzell, Shaw, etc etc etc)

Cody is too good in coverage to put him at safety.

The differnce is Cox may not be back at Linebacker OR DB next year.

i agree with Cox. I have always liked him and would hate to lose him. We definetly need a ball hawk at safety.

i was talkin about cody Crash.

Cox i wouldn't mind seeing at Safety. he wasn't too bad as a DB and hits hard enough to appease some hamilton fans.... meh.